Sunday, March 6, 2011

My new Sectional

I ordered this sectional the end June but didn't get it until November. (I tried to move the "man chair" out of the picture. It reminds me of the Dad's chair of Frazier. I'm stuck with it for a while I think. I do share the space with my husband after all. He has approved all my choices and loves the room too.)

The rug is also new. Both were purchased at the Gate interior design store that I love. The room is coming along...slowly but surely. It takes a while to save up or work extra for what I really want. It's the first time in 34 years of marriage that we are buying what we love instead of settling on something because it is inexpensive. I bought a sectional with slipcovers that can be taken off and washed, seats a lot of people and is comfortable. I debated having two couches for more flexibility but went for the increased seating capacity. It is plain and I change the look by changing the pillow. I hoping this sectional will last for the rest of my life.

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Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Kim! I feel like you do -- now we can finally get what we want. If only I knew what we want LOL.

I laughed about your Man Chair dilemma -- hubs has been wanting a recliner for years and lucky for me (cause I hate how they look), our room didn't seem to work well for them (the fireplace and tv are exactly opposite from each other -- so hard to arrange around.) FreeDesignerLady worked up a layout involving two couches or a sectional (sectional appears to be winning out) that let us have a manchair. We found a beautiful one that doesn't really even look like a recliner so, now we're both happy. I'm thinking about doing a very small black and white check for the sectional -- a huge departure for me (with the black), but it will be a neutral which will be a nice change from what we have now.

I sure wish we lived close to each other -- I'll bet we'd have fun shopping together!