Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine Exchange Number Two

 Stephanie had her Valentine Exchange Party Saturday the 11th.  There were 21 people to exchange with.  Each person was asked to bring 12 Valentine's to exchange.  Steph does it speed dating style.  Creed, my grandson, took over my speed dates.  He exchanged all my Valentine's for me and then wanted to keep everything.  He had a lot of fun doing it.  I forgot my camera so took everything home so I could take pictures and then let Creed have almost everything.  OK...I kept the chocolates.  They were delicious.   And, I couldn't give up those cute measuring cups and teaspoons either.
 Little rose post earrings put in a miniature flower pot.
leather covered bobby pins, vinyl "love", taffy
felt heart garland
 Pancakes with cinnamon frosting.  What great presentation.

A vintage valentine enlarged and embellished.

Amazing cake balls dipped in chocolate.
Letter pressed card with custom made pencils.

I shared these with Eli...delicious.

There were 3 of these in that little bag.  There was a gooey filling in the middle.

A cute card with an owl and fox tattoo.

A little shovel full of m&m's

Water colored "love" with a bit of chocolate.

Great presentation with delicious handmade chocolate
Steph made lots of sugar cookies that everyone could decorate and take home.  She had strawberries and grapes, and other treats.  Plus, she had lots of cute decorations.  Lots of Valentine love was had by all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Dining Chairs

 I'm so excited.  After almost 35 years of marriage, I finally have my first dining room chairs.  My husband and I both love them and they are comfortable too.  (My husband also recently replaced the old 80's brass fan with these two chandeliers.  Not my favorite but they were inexpensive and blend with the lights in the addition and kitchen area.)

They blend with the table, french doors, and linen draperies.  Where did I finally find chairs I could afford?  You will probably never guess.

Costco.  they were in the latest Costco magazine.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Husband

He will be embarrassed that I'm posting this.  I love how he is always learning something new.  He decided he wanted to learn to play the ukelele and is teaching himself.  He's bought DVD's, and watches utube clips.  He practices on a regular basis.  One of these days, he will be a pro.

His latest adventure...learning to weld.  It is wonderful to always be learning something new.  What is your latest adventure?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Mantle

 I didn't post my finished Valentine's mantle.  It's a little over the top but Valentine's Day is a little bit cheesy know cupid's, hearts, bows and arrows.

Valentine's Party

 I had my traditional Valentine exchange party February 7.  Here are a few of the potluck goodies everyone brought.  I made Stephanie's slider sandwiches.  They are so good.
 I snapped pictures of everyone as they know candid shots...don't shot me guys. 

 We had so much fun visiting as we ate.  I found many interesting things about everyone that we are not supposed to be revealed to others.  Needless to say, it was good for a lot of laughs.
 Here is my little Brenna and what she made for all of us.

 Cari made lip gloss and lotion for everyone.  Isn't she adorable?

 Corene made velvet cake in a jar.  It was yummy.

 She also added a tablet and pen so after the cake is gone, you can add your favorite sayings from your kids.
 Dana made these cute heart frames with hearts cute from Pride and Prejudice.
 I even had a heart that has Pemberley and Mr. Darcy on it.

 Emily made these "bird on a wire" pillows. 
 A couple of close up pictures.
 And, look at the cute material on the back.
 Heidi made these balls out of crepe paper.  She said it takes a large roll of crepe paper to make one.

 Brenna is going to make a little Valentine tree by adding a dowel and putting it in a pot.  I am going to add ribbon and use it as a kissing ball.
 Jill gave us decorated notebooks and encouraged us to write love notes to a spouse or one of our children and present it to them next year.  She also added fresh scented body wash.
 I used vintage sheet music (1926) and added a heart in an Ikea frame.
 Leslee had Eli cut some metal at the machine shop and made recipe holders and magnets for each of us.
 Her presentation is always amazing so I thought I'd take pictures so you could see for yourself.

 It came complete with a Salsa recipe that she brought for us to sample.  Yum.
 My birthday was the next day for everyone surprised me with a gift card to Hobby Lobby, a home made cake, a delectable cupcake, and these book full of Eli and Brenna's wedding pictures.  I love it.
We had so much fun and went home with lots of decorations and memories.  You should have one of your own.