Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Decorations 2009

This year my little feather tree has more vintage ornaments. Creed's grandchildren did not want his vintage ornaments and knew that I would love them so they gave them to me. I was thrilled. Now the tree is full of my grandparent's ornaments, Creed's ornaments, and 1 ornament that Candice found for me when she lived in Kentucky. I even have a few ornaments that we had on our tree when I was growing up. The rest of the display are reproductions and trees that I found in the last three years.
Yes, it is behind my couch. I don't have a lot of surface area in my house. This couch is large so the "sofa" table is actually a drop leaf table with the coffee table on top of that. I used stacking boxes under the white sheet to create height. All my paper towels, paper plates, punch bowls, etc. are stored under that table. Where do you put your Costco size paper products? My kitchen is just not that big.
A close up of the garland on top of the entertainment center. I love all the vintage reproductions. Silver and glitter...what could be better?
This is the inside of the front door taken from the living room. I love the bubble lights. They remind me of the ones my grandparents had on their tree. I have many happy Christmas memories and love things that bring back those memories.

I have another arch from the living room to the dining room that has even more ornamentation. I just didn't get a photo. They are full of glittered snowflakes, icicles, and silver glass ornaments of different shapes and sizes.
I decided to change things up on my family room mantel this year. I found those silver glittered trees at Tai Pan for around $3-4 each. I really wanted things to sparkle. The base is a green pine garland with mini lights, then I added two weeping cedar garlands end-to-end. I added LED icicle lights so the lights could be wrapped in the cedar trailing down. I added light cozies to the mini lights, glittered metal snow flakes, big glass silver ornaments, silver beading, crystal candle holders with silver glass finials on top. I love sitting in the family room at night with it all lighted at night. It makes the family room feel so festive.
I also added new Christmas stockings this year. I wish I could say I made them but these were too inexpensive to pass up at 30% off. I bought the last three from the Busy Biddy in Orem. (They have tons of great Christmas decorations.)

I don't think the pictures show you how sparkly everything is. I was a little afraid it was too over the top when I first did it but now I really like it.

I love these stockings. So European looking to me.
The glass jars on my kitchen counter.
The top of the Armoire in the living room.
A few of my nativity collection that I put out this year.
A little corner display with leftover things.
A small Santa display. I didn't put out at least a fourth of my decorations. Just trying to keep things a little less cluttered this year.
I hope you enjoyed this year's decorations. Feel free to check out last year's decor here and here.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decoration for 2009

My dining room.
As you can tell. I love to decorate. I decorate almost every space I can find. I try to make it a welcoming and wonderous place for family and friends. I even decorate the windows. (I don't buy new every year but try to reinvent what I have. The last couple of years I've found things on clearance after Christmas. It's fun to discover those bargains when I get out the decorations the next year.)

I've had requests for posts and pictures on my Christmas decorations this year. So, here are pictures of my table scape this year just before our dinner party on Wednesday night. And, a big thank you to my husband for taking all my posted pictures. (I don't have the patients or the expertise.)

This year's tree and some of our presents. I have three different coordinating papers I am using this year. Stephanie designed my tags for me last week but I haven't been able to print them yet. They are miniatures of her photo frames. I think they will look great.
Last night we had a progressive dinner. We shared some of our Christmas traditions and had a white elephant exchange. It was lots of fun. I was in charge of the appetizers at my house and decided to share out newer tradition of using a Raclette grill. (You boil new potatoes, and then grill mushrooms, bacon, salami, onions, and melt the cheeses in little pans underneath the grill. You add any of these on top of your new potatoes. It's yummy. No one else had had it before and they all seemed to enjoy the experience.) More pictures tomorrow.

Check in with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for more tablescapes. They are very inspirational.