Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Computer Is Down and Out

You probably won't hear much from me this week. The laptop I use is getting fixed and is supposed to be done around April 8. It is Eli's laptop but he will be back on June and I'm sure he will want it back. I've been so spoiled using it. I guess I'll just have to get my own. Hey...Mother's Day is coming.

This one is hard to use to post pictures because all the USB ports are in the back and very hard to get to. Who designed it that way anyway? Someone who wasn't thinking clearly. Isn't it obvious that we need them accessible?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aren't These Great?

My sister sent these to me for Christmas. I was really surprised when I received this in the mail because she didn't have my name this year. She called me to tell me she had found the perfect gift for me and just couldn't resist getting it for me. I laughed so hard when I opened the package.

My mother made many similar sets of grapes when we were little. I think I was in third, it was years ago. She gave them as gifts for Christmas. My mom probably still has the set she made for herself.

I asked my sister, Cheryl, where she found them and the story was as good as the grapes. Her friend went to a Christmas party and got these as a white elephant gift. My sister, when she found out what her friend had gotten, asked what she did with them. Her friend replied that she gave them to the local Hospice drop off (like Salvation Army.) Cheryl asked if they could drive over and see if they were still there and buy them back. So, they took off to try and locate the grapes. After entering the store and not finding them, they told the clerk that they had donated them by accident and that if they were still there, they would buy them back. The clerk said that they were in the back because all the workers wanted them and they were trying to decide who should get them. Anyway, the clerk gave the grapes back to my sister's friend and my sister quickly sent them on to me.

I'm not sure what to do with them now but every time I look at them I start to laugh. So, maybe I'll just keep them in my living room because laughing is good for the soul. My sister is a nut and I love her dearly. One day she just might find them hidden in her house. She would appreciate the joke.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Today Was A Sad Day!

After living with us for almost 10 months, the kids left for NYC today. They were going to try and leave at 6 am but there was just too much to do. They finally drove off around 1:30 this afternoon. Here are Grant and Cole saying goodbye to Hobbes through the fence. This is typical Cole with his thumb in his mouth.I love this picture of the two of them kneeling down.

Here they are right after we jumped the car again and again. It took too long to pack up and the battery went dead. Don't worry. We sent our jumper cables with them. With all the driving they are doing, I'm sure the battery will charge up. The Stringhams can't do anything without a little drama. Aren't they a cute family though?

Another picture just for good measure. Notice the back seat strapped to the roof rack. They needed all the room they could get in the car.

Here is Cole all buckled up and ready to go. See why they needed to take the seat out? I hope no one stops fast. Every nook and cranny is full.

Here is a close up of Cole. These guys are just so cute. Thank goodness there were no pictures of me. I'm not sure I even combed my hair today. I probably looked pretty funny picking up lunch for everyone in my slippers. And yes, I did have to walk into the resturant to pick it up. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I guess I was only thinking about helping them out and getting them on the road. I mean...they had to have one last salad from Cafe Rio. It's so good.

Here are Grant and Cole. Grant ran down the street chasing after Papa (Grandpa) as he drove off to work this morning. He was crying hard when they drove away. Of course, so was I. OK...just typing this is making me cry. I'm not the only one though, my husband has had a hard time today too.

And then, when I needed little cheering up, look what came in the mail. A blogging friend surprise from Thanks Meleen Dupre. You made my day so much better. Some vintage music and great color copies of vintage cards, plus some vintage ribbons/goodies.

I spent the rest of the day washing sheets, blankets, and towels, remaking beds, cleaning out, trying to do something with all the garbage and empty boxes, bagging up clothes and other things they didn't want, etc. It is amazing how much you can accumulate so quickly in life. Candice left me some scrapbooking things that I can use for give aways on my blog. I have four small boxes of stuff she left for me. There just wasn't enough room to take everything and even if they could, they only have a small apartment in NY. They did do some mailing on Saturday too. So, I'm not sure how soon I'll get to the give away, but stay in contact.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Here is Grant trying to find eggs on Easter morning before church.
Here is Cole looking for Easter Eggs.

Another picture of Cole.

Here are the kids at Great Grandma and Grandpa Borup's house. Grant and Cole are in the front and Will and Reuben (Shawn, Brett's sister's kids.) It is time for another hunt and the afternoon was warm and beautiful.

Here is what the adults did while the kids looks for eggs.

Here is Cole saying where do I find the eggs? He is a little young for the skater look but look how cute he looks with his boxers hanging out. Too funny.

Below Will looks really excited.
Here is Grant still looking for eggs.

We took a few minutes to get pictures with the Great Grandparents. Cole is giving Grandpa a kiss on the cheek.

Here they are with all the kids. They were having fun.

Another peek.

Brett's sister Kelly and her kids, Amy and Skyler.

A picture of Byron and Margrett Borup. My husband's parents. We love that they moved up here from CA a year ago. Oh, and I can't forget Max the dog.

Mark flew in from New York last night. Here are Candice and Mark in a typical candid since Candice almost always has a camera in her hand.

Here they are posing for me. We are going to miss them. New York is so far away.

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008

What is New was a week fullllll of work, and so much more. I went to a play at the Hale theatre (She Loves Me) on Monday, Tuesday went to enrichment meeting to tie quilts for those in need, Wednesday night I went to yoga and then went to see "Penelope" with Candice and friends. Thursday night my husband and I had an evening at home together. Candice and I finished our Halloween project. Yeah! I'm dying to show you but I can't. Hopefully, you'll see Candice's next October in Creative Keepsakes.

I'm trying to cram in all the memories I can before the kids move to NYC on Monday. Grant, Cole, and I walked the dog to school today to drop Grant off for his last day of school. Grant forgot his backpack so I to come home and Cole and I brought it back to school. Cole and I then played a game of baseball together. It was such a nice day. Not really warm but the sun was shining. I've missed the sun this winter. This evening we took the kids to the bookstore to buy new stuffed animals. They wanted to be able to create a pet on the computer and you have to buy the stuffed animal to get the code. (Great marketing ploy...wonder how I can incorporate something like that.) We ate at the cougareat afterwards. Everyone got to get whatever they wanted. Great fun and everyone is happy.

So, long week, full of all kinds of things. There were some not so nice things too but I'm not going to dwell on those. Who wants to hear about those things?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Second Contest Winner

Abra was our second contest winner. Grant picked #14 which was Abra's post. That was fun! I'm going to do that again sometime. Thanks to all who left comments.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Creed's Lullaby CD

Here is the link to Stephanie's CD she made for Creed. I love that she sent me a copy. I have listened to it at least three times since yesterday. I think you would enjoy it too even if you are all grown up. Simply Radiant: Homemade Christmas Project #3 - Lullaby CD

Look What I Received in the Mail

My birthday present from Stephanie was a little late this year but worth waiting for. Look how cute she wrapped it. This is what was inside. One of her fairy doors that she sells on Etsy. Great surprise isn't it?
I set this against my dining room wall to take this picture. But overnight the door was adopted by the sewing fairy. I found it attached to the wall right next to my cutting table. I guess she wants to keep an eye on all my handiwork in the studio. She even watched me finish making table skirts for two tables today. And, she watched as Candice and I worked on a Halloween project. (Sorry, I can't show you that one. We hope it will get used in an article for Creative Keepsakes.) I's too early for Halloween but Candice is moving to New York next week so we need to get it done.
I loved listening to the lullaby CD that Stephanie made for Creed. I actually got a little teary as I listened to some of the songs she picked. White Christmas is a movie we watch every year in my family. My sisters and I have acted out "Sisters" since we were little. Steph included "Counting Your Blessings" by Bing Crosby from that movie. Brudda Is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" reminds us all of the years we lived in Hawaii. Peter Breinholt is singing on it. He is the son of my boss. He has sung at many of our company parties a long with his invited friends like Ryan Schupe, and David Schmidt. Peter is passionate about music and singing. I think Steph has a full list on her blog. She sent it to me so I could learn some new lullabies to sing to the grandbabies.
My favorite kinds of gifts are home made from the heart. Thanks Steph for making my day! I know these were made from your heart.

Winner of the Spring Earring Giveaway

Tina Mecham won the earring give away. I had my husband pick a number between one and seventeen and he picked 11. I told you I would have Grant choose a winner and he was asleep when I got to checking my blog. So, I will have him pick another winner and we will have two winners.

Tina: Can you email me at so I can get your address and would you tell me which earring you would like to have?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Panoramic Sugar Eggs.

I checked out Abra's blog recently and she talked about making sugar eggs. That reminded me of making them when my children were little. Here is the link to Abra's post: What kind of a name is abra: Panoramic Sugar Eggs. She reminded me that Easter is right around the corner so I decided to get out my Easter decorations right after I read her post. (This is my first link Stephanie, aren't you proud of me?)

These eggs are probably 26 years old. They still look pretty good too. I made them when Candice and Stephanie were little. My husband was getting his Masters degree from Utah State so we lived in Logan. I was pretty lonely there so I took a cake decorating class one night a week at the local mall and learned how to make them as part of the class while my husband babysat. Here is a close up of the inside. We made lots of these and gave them away to people in our area we thought might be a little lonely. We hand delivered them so we could visit for a few minutes. (Usually, we are door bell ditchers because we think door bell ditching is quite fun. My grandchildren like to door bell ditch too. We are carrying on the tradition.)

These eggs are not perfect. It is hard to have a steady hand when you have little hands gripped around the piping bag underneath yours. They loved making icing grass on the inside, adding jelly beans, easter figures, and piping their names on the back. We made them many different Easter seasons but these are the only ones we kept. My daughters are all grown now with babies of their own...I miss those little hands so eager to create with their mom and give joy by sharing what they make with others.

If your babies are still at home, create special moments. The years go so quickly.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my contest. Scroll down until you see the earrings (Monday, March 10, 2008) and then make a comment to enter. Grant promised to chose a winner for me tomorrow after school. Good luck. (OK, Steph...I couldn't figure out how to link back to my own post. lol )

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Decorations

I haven't decorated for Easter for a few years because no one was around who really cared if the house was decorated or not. Life is busy, so I just skipped it. This year the kids are here so we got out the decorations, yuck! We have a lot of ugly ones. I didn't show you any of those. (Maybe we should have a contest to see who has the ugliest.) Grant had fun putting them around the house though. After they leave, it is off to the give away pile. Here are a few new decorations and a few old favorites. This is a close up of a table runner I made a long time ago but I still like it.
I love this one. It is on a little cupcake stand. (My daughters and I have been into making cupcakes this year. I've noticed lots of other cupcake lovers in blogs this year too. I guess it is the "Year of the Cupcake.")
Here is the table runner and vintage reproduction rabbit. (I purchased it new this year.)

Here is a great picture of my Easter garland. The pink background is nice pink glitter. It is purchased not homemade although we made an awesome Halloween Garland this year.

Here is a fakey chocolate bunny from JoAnn's. These are ceramic colored eggs. I don't even remember getting them. They were in the Easter box. I told you it's been awhile since I decorated. lol If you have posted Easter Decor, please direct me to your post. I'd love to see them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Was My Husband's Birthday Today

Yep, today is my husband's birthday. He got an exercise bike...hey, he asked for it. He really wanted one...he truly did. These are his parents Margrett and Byron. His mom is really hip and with it. You should see their house. It is full of all kinds of fun treasures. She is the one who made some of the earrings for my contest. Here we are at the Bombay House having an Indian dinner. It was really good.
Here are my husband, daughter Candice, and Cole and Grant. I should have taken pictures of the resturant itself. They have Indian wall murals, arches, etc. It doesn't look like anything special here but it is a fun place to eat.

Here is my husband blowing out his candles on his ice cream cake. He really wanted one of those too. Don't worry, he shared with all of us. Happy Birthday BABY! I love you. And, please stay around for many more birthdays so we can share them together.
P.S. Don't forget to enter my contest posted on the 10th of March.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Having a Contest to Celebrate Spring

I'm tired of winter so I'm trying to celebrate Spring by giving away a pair of earrings that the winner can wear with her Easter outfit. (I know the first day of Spring isn't for another week and a half but I'm anxious for it to come.)

I want to meet more of you so I am offering an incentive for you to post to my blog. These earrings were made by my mother-in-law or sister-in-law who both have jewelry businesses. They are all fresh water pearls and the metal parts are all sterling silver. You can pick the pair that you want and I will mail them to you. (So, you have to give me some way to contact you if you don't have a blog.) You have until March 15 to enter. I will have my grandson pick the winner.

Happy Spring! I look forward to making new friends.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Love Things That Have Meaning

Candice took a color class at BYU and she had to do a project. Being a photographer she wanted to tie that in as well (or maybe it was part of the class.) We got inspiration from a poem I had and put the first line of the poem on the quilt. "Home is where you can be silent and still be heard." The pictures are of my grandparents, great grandfather (in the kilt from Scotland), and other relatives. The flowers symbolize that they have passed away and are honored by their posterity. The quilt represents that even though my ancestors have passed away their character traits, genes, testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and talents live on through us. Hence, "Home is where you can be silent and still be heard."

I fabrics started out as white cotton that we dyed in the bathtub with acrylic craft paints, cut up into smaller pieces and sewed them back together. The stippling/quilting was done on the sewing machine. The jewelry is all inherited and also represents them. It is pinned on so any piece can be removed and worn. I have other jewelry that I put on there but I like to wear them and don't always put them back. I'm sentimental and they mean a lot to me. This small quilt hangs in our study.
This stitchery represents my other grandmother, Mildred Hunt. She was always looking out for us before she passed away. I still think she is up there, looking down on us, and watching out for our welfare. The purse to the left was hers. It is hand crocheted and very old. (1800's) These are in my studio. The walls are filled with all kinds of treasures that don't fit with my style anymore but I still love them.
Here is a close up. The angel represents my grandmother, our last name and the year we were married are stitch in their along with a heart that represents my husband. My children's names are stitched as well. Saundra White (I think that was her name), was the artist who drew the design for me. I sold her patterns called "I done My Best," in my store, Heartland Manor, and she was doing an artists open house for me. I did the stitching myself.

What do you have in your home that honors your ancestry? I'd love to hear.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm Ready for Easter Decor

I have so many Christmas decorations that when I take them down after Christmas, my house feels empty. This year I decided to leave up some garlands a little while longer. Today is the day to take them down so I thought I'd take a few pictures for you.

Here are a couple of chandelier pictures. I added crystals and a glitter glass ornament.

I had garlands over the arches full of icicles, glittered snowflakes, and mercury glass ornaments.

So, bye winter decorations make room for Spring!


I love quotes. I collect them and write the ones that I love in my journal. Years ago I decided to help my children be inspired so I painted them on the wall in the bathroom. I'm getting ready to repaint that room so I thought I'd share a few of them with you. They are somewhat distorted because of the camera angle. (It is a small bathroom.)

If any of you would like me to do a tutorial on how I did this, let me know. I didn't want to take the time to do it if no one was interested.
I have a quote painted around the ceiling of my family room. It reads, "For by wisdom a house is built, and with understanding it is finished. By knowledge the rooms are filled with joy and peace eternally." Proverbs 24:3-4 (From the new christian version)
I did all these before vinyl lettering was the "in" thing. Now I am ready to move on. We are trying to design a family room addition so that room will change too.