Friday, March 14, 2008

Look What I Received in the Mail

My birthday present from Stephanie was a little late this year but worth waiting for. Look how cute she wrapped it. This is what was inside. One of her fairy doors that she sells on Etsy. Great surprise isn't it?
I set this against my dining room wall to take this picture. But overnight the door was adopted by the sewing fairy. I found it attached to the wall right next to my cutting table. I guess she wants to keep an eye on all my handiwork in the studio. She even watched me finish making table skirts for two tables today. And, she watched as Candice and I worked on a Halloween project. (Sorry, I can't show you that one. We hope it will get used in an article for Creative Keepsakes.) I's too early for Halloween but Candice is moving to New York next week so we need to get it done.
I loved listening to the lullaby CD that Stephanie made for Creed. I actually got a little teary as I listened to some of the songs she picked. White Christmas is a movie we watch every year in my family. My sisters and I have acted out "Sisters" since we were little. Steph included "Counting Your Blessings" by Bing Crosby from that movie. Brudda Is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" reminds us all of the years we lived in Hawaii. Peter Breinholt is singing on it. He is the son of my boss. He has sung at many of our company parties a long with his invited friends like Ryan Schupe, and David Schmidt. Peter is passionate about music and singing. I think Steph has a full list on her blog. She sent it to me so I could learn some new lullabies to sing to the grandbabies.
My favorite kinds of gifts are home made from the heart. Thanks Steph for making my day! I know these were made from your heart.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so those doors!

Steph said...

Mom, I'm really glad that you liked your present. Sorry again that it was so late!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, you lucky girl! I love those fairy doors. I got my mom one for Christmas this year -- they're just too cute!

Larry said...

Sometimes the music makes me tear up to!