Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aren't These Great?

My sister sent these to me for Christmas. I was really surprised when I received this in the mail because she didn't have my name this year. She called me to tell me she had found the perfect gift for me and just couldn't resist getting it for me. I laughed so hard when I opened the package.

My mother made many similar sets of grapes when we were little. I think I was in third, it was years ago. She gave them as gifts for Christmas. My mom probably still has the set she made for herself.

I asked my sister, Cheryl, where she found them and the story was as good as the grapes. Her friend went to a Christmas party and got these as a white elephant gift. My sister, when she found out what her friend had gotten, asked what she did with them. Her friend replied that she gave them to the local Hospice drop off (like Salvation Army.) Cheryl asked if they could drive over and see if they were still there and buy them back. So, they took off to try and locate the grapes. After entering the store and not finding them, they told the clerk that they had donated them by accident and that if they were still there, they would buy them back. The clerk said that they were in the back because all the workers wanted them and they were trying to decide who should get them. Anyway, the clerk gave the grapes back to my sister's friend and my sister quickly sent them on to me.

I'm not sure what to do with them now but every time I look at them I start to laugh. So, maybe I'll just keep them in my living room because laughing is good for the soul. My sister is a nut and I love her dearly. One day she just might find them hidden in her house. She would appreciate the joke.


Thimbleanna said...

That's too funny Kim! And just look how lucky you are -- everyone wanted them LOL! My sister and I have a similar joke -- we have one of those old mop head dolls that someone gave me in the 90's. It will reappear every now and then, usually made up in someone's bed. She tucked it into my bed for me to find when I came home after a surgery a few years ago. Which reminds me -- she's on vacation this week -- might be a fun thing to surprise her with! You should definitely keep your grapes in a prominent conversation-inducing area!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

my mom has (or did have) lots of these old grapes...i think we had some growing up. she had a huge bowl of them.

bummer about the kiddos leaving, but now you'll have a good excuse to visit NYC often.

and looks like your easter was wonderful...luckily we had a warm day for an easter egg hunt on saturday, but sunday was too cold and windy.

would have much preferred to have been in FL, but it will have to wait until the summer.