Monday, March 3, 2008

Even More Door Ideas

I know the title says more door ideas but I decided to add in old windows too. Above is a display of old windows that contain some of my husband's photographs. Candice is staying in this room and has added a few things like the Christmas tree sign and a picture that Ali Edwards gave to her. (Lucky Duck, huh?) Below is a close up of one of the windows.

Sorry these pictures are blurry. My camera battery was dying and so I did the best I could. I would have taken more but it is now dead. I thought that it would be better to post blurry pictures than to not post at all. I only have so many windows of time. I don't know how so many of you post every day and such complex posts too. Amazing! These pictures are of some doors in a cemetary in Paris. Humm...I think my husband has a love of doors too. No wonder I love him so much.

Here is a close up of another window and sunflower picture. (If you want to see his current work, click on his name on the right side of my blog. It will send you to his website.)

Below is another close up. Can you recognize this famous architecture? Think French. This is in a guest bedroom that my daughter is currently residing in. Can you see the reflection of my chandelier? I love chandeliers in bedrooms. has a great post on chandeliers.

This is a painting that I picked up in Ohio. It it hand painted on an old window and I carried it home on the plane. I couldn't resist and it was a great price.

Here it is on my studio wall. I'm still trying to get it reorganized in there. My sweet husband did assemble my new table, that he got me for my birthday, so I'm making progress. I'll post it soon...I hope.

The next door is a new door so I painted it to look old. It is just a hollow core door that they use in new construction. The hinges and key plate are hand painted directly on the door. This is in our son's room who is on a mission in Brazil until June. It is currently occupied by two of our grandsons. Needless to say, I won't be showing the rest of the room until after they leave. It has a ship theme. We added mortis and tenon/post and beams. My husband built the shutters on the windows. It has a loft bed, more leaded glass windows,...I'll show you it in about a month.

As I looked around my house, I realized I even have a picture of a window. It was painted by my neighbor, Robert Barrett. It is a copy of a watercolor he has hanging in his house of a window in an antique store in Park City. (I think I own the only copy.) I had admired it for years and offered to pay for the printing, etc. He agreed but it just never happened. One day he called me and said he would trade me for it if I would help frame about 30 pictures for an art show he was doing. I gladly took him up on it. Lucky me! I love it. Again I apologize for the picture/photo because it really is wonderful in person. (My husband made the frame and I cut my own beveled mat and framed it. Are you picking up in my blog about what a wonderful, talented husband I have?)

I have three old doors that we took to a door framer and put in our basement when we finished it off. This one has the original hardware on it. The glass is original to the door too. My brother found this one. It was in a junk pile by his old apartment. We finished the basement so he and his wife could live there while they finished school. We loved having them.

This last picture is really bad but it is all I could eeek out of the battery. It is a shelf I have yet to hang. I found it at this great store called "Brambles and Blossoms." It is 1/4 of an old panel door with an antique door knob, reproductions hooks, and extra wood and bracket added to make the door into a shelf. (I'm waiting for my husband to help me hang this project. It is a little too heavy for one man to do the job.) ;)
How have you used old doors and windows? I would love to see or hear about it.


Thimbleanna said...

How fun Kim! Thanks for all the inspiration. I have an old 6-pane window sitting in my garage waiting for a lightning idea to strike it! I love all your doors and that painted one that looks like a 6-panel door is very cool!

what kind of a name is abra said...

Cool stuff! I love the painted on hinges and doorplate, what a great idea. You are so creative. I finally posted the pictue of the potting bench made from a door on my blog. Thanks for your inspiration!

Marissa Joy said...

I can't wait until the day I buy my very own house so that I can decorate it however I want and use all of your good ideas. You know I am going to use you as my own personal interior designer. Love you mom!

Laurel said...

I have always LOVED your windows you have used as decoration! Where do you find all those cool windows and doors?

Anonymous said...

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