Thursday, August 4, 2011

My New Couch

 My children said that the old couches had to go.  You know how you get used to things and they don't bother you anymore.  They didn't really bother me but they certainly didn't look good in our new addition.  Now don't you want your two cents on what pillows to use on this couch?  It needs them because it is very deep. 
Here is how it looks on that side of the addition.  I'm saving up to buy two chairs to face the couch.  If you find any good affordable ones, be sure to let me know.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Furniture Has Arrived Finally...The New Office Space

 I finally was able to get my furniture I bought while at the Round Top show last March.  (I actually bought one of the pieces in another room last September.  After 3 other shippers flaked on who cashed my deposit and kept it...I finally found a shipper who would/could deliver.  Roll'en Hills Delivery is the company you want to work with if you need shipping from Texas.)  This is my old dining room.  We took out the carpet and put in hardwood floors, took out the chair rail and patched up the walls, added new wider baseboards, new curtains, and a new computer.  We still have to add the fan and get rid of the chandelier, and add some more lighting.  My husband will also install a flat screen tv over his desk if he can figure out how to get cable service in there.
 Here are the after pictures.
 I bought the Graflex camera at the Marburger show.  A few of the cameras my husband had collected, and I bought a few more at the flea market in Wimberly.  Did I tell you my husband is a photographer?
 Trying to make the bookcases look interesting but stay functional is difficult.  I took off book covers and put the books in all different directions.  The really ugly paperbacks I put on a closet bookshelf.
 I camouflaged some ugly books behind this little poster. 
 Others I hid by lining them up in an old locker basket I bought at Wimberly.  I wish I would have bought more.
 Other books worked as book ends and display risers.
 Here is what the shelf looked like in its entirety.
 I found two corbels for $10 each.  I think they made great book ends as well.
 These gears I found at Marburger.  They add interest to the shelf.
 More cameras displayed.
 The Graflex I bought at Marburger.  It is such a great looking camera.  It was the only one I paid very much for and even it wasn't bad.  The other cameras ranged from $5-$20 each. 
The new desk and computer.  We are in process on this side.

Link to Jennifer Rizzo's "Pretty up you plain jane party.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Room Reveal

 What do you think?  I still have to add a few touches but it's mostly done.  New hardwood floors to match what we put in the rest of this main floor last year, new gray paint, and white trim, wider baseboards,  and a salvaged window turned mirror.
 I changed out a few pillows on the couch otherwise, the furniture is the same.  We decided not to put in armoire back in because the new office has two bookcases on that same wall and the rooms would seem to heavy on that side.  There is no place else to put it in my house so I'm not sure what to do with it.  It is a beautiful antique but not in the best shape.
 I found these windows in at Fred's salvage in SLC.  They were very dirty and look as though they are already mirrored in this picture.  Nope, it's just dirt.  I bought them to put over my TV in the new addition but they are heavy so I had my husband photoshop them in a picture of the room so I could see what they would look like.    It looked like a smiley face with the windows being the eyes, the tv the nose, and the entertainment center the mouth.  It saved us a lot of work and I like them in the living room and office.
I used Krylon mirror paint and a spray bottle of water to create the look of an antique mirror. 
 Old living room decor/colors with armoire.
Which version do you like best?

Monday, August 1, 2011

It is Finally Here!

 My antique bookcase is finally here.  I bought it last September and it took this long to get it shipped here.  It was worth it though.   I absolutely love it.  It is so unique that even my daughter who like modern furniture asked to inherit it.  It arrived Thursday morning and I've been working like crazy to get the office, living room and this room all sorted out and styled.  I know that probably doesn't sound like a big job but it was.  I have a ton of dishes I had to stash away plus all the books in the office.  (I only need a new chandelier to finish this room.  I'm looking.)
 I was going to paint the inside first thing but once it got in, it matched the doors from France perfectly so I decided to live with it for awhile.
 And...oh man, it barely fit.  It literally goes from ceiling to floor.  I think it was made for my space.  I wish I knew more about it.  The women I bought it from said it was from a general store but didn't know where or how old it was.  It was made without nails.  The whole thing is doweled together.  The shelves are all adjustable.  the back isn't original.  I actually don't think it had a back because the bottom cabinet is not backed.  It weighs a ton too.  Good thing it is on a concrete floor otherwise it might cause the floor to sag especially since it is full of dishes inside and out.
 I decided to display my black and and white dishes.  I didn't know I had so many.  They were here there and everywhere.  I didn't spend too much time on them because I'm going to change them for Halloween and then fall and then Christmas.  Can't wait.

 And just so you can appreciate the changes, this is what it used to look like before we did the addition.  I think it is much improved.
 And this is what it looked like for far too long since we had to get everything out of the living room and dining room to add the wood floors.  I'm so glad I don't have to live with this mess any more.  We are finally back to order around here...ahhhh.  It feels so good.