Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Furniture Has Arrived Finally...The New Office Space

 I finally was able to get my furniture I bought while at the Round Top show last March.  (I actually bought one of the pieces in another room last September.  After 3 other shippers flaked on who cashed my deposit and kept it...I finally found a shipper who would/could deliver.  Roll'en Hills Delivery is the company you want to work with if you need shipping from Texas.)  This is my old dining room.  We took out the carpet and put in hardwood floors, took out the chair rail and patched up the walls, added new wider baseboards, new curtains, and a new computer.  We still have to add the fan and get rid of the chandelier, and add some more lighting.  My husband will also install a flat screen tv over his desk if he can figure out how to get cable service in there.
 Here are the after pictures.
 I bought the Graflex camera at the Marburger show.  A few of the cameras my husband had collected, and I bought a few more at the flea market in Wimberly.  Did I tell you my husband is a photographer?
 Trying to make the bookcases look interesting but stay functional is difficult.  I took off book covers and put the books in all different directions.  The really ugly paperbacks I put on a closet bookshelf.
 I camouflaged some ugly books behind this little poster. 
 Others I hid by lining them up in an old locker basket I bought at Wimberly.  I wish I would have bought more.
 Other books worked as book ends and display risers.
 Here is what the shelf looked like in its entirety.
 I found two corbels for $10 each.  I think they made great book ends as well.
 These gears I found at Marburger.  They add interest to the shelf.
 More cameras displayed.
 The Graflex I bought at Marburger.  It is such a great looking camera.  It was the only one I paid very much for and even it wasn't bad.  The other cameras ranged from $5-$20 each. 
The new desk and computer.  We are in process on this side.

Link to Jennifer Rizzo's "Pretty up you plain jane party.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- another great room Kim. Your house is really coming together and it's looking fabulous!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

The room is looking geat. I love those bookcases.

JOHN AIDEN said...

Nicely decorated room.The bookcases looking Fantastic.