Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011

 Here is a short version of my Christmas decorations this year.  Half the antique cabinet with part of my nativity collection.
 The tree and mantel in our family room addition.
 A close up of the mantel.
 The mantel.
 Felt stockings
 One of the book cases.
 The dining table set up for dinner for my husband's students.

Merry Christmas everyone.  We hope your Christmas is full of friends and family.  I know that mine is and we love it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


When Candice was up visiting recently, we went to a boutique they had at Spark (a scrap booking/crafting event).  It was fun to see people gather around Candice and Sebastian to have their pictures with them.  I snapped this with my phone so you could get a bird's eye view.  (Evidently Candice taught a photography class these girls attended in Japan and they recognized her.)  Candice has been able to accomplish a lot with her photography.  She has a great business sense and I think she has a real talent for teaching too.  I love my kids!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures with Creed

 Brett and I took Creed to Tuacahn to see Disney's Little Mermaid in October.  Here we are on the 5th row waiting for the play to start.

 Ariel and Eric after the play.  Creed was too shy to have his picture taken with them.  He loved Ursala.  He said she was her favorite.  We loved the whole play.  It was an underwater marvel.  Creed was even afraid to go out at intermission for fear he might miss something.
 We spent the night in St. George and then went to the dinosaur museum.  Creed's favorite thing was digging for bones in the sand box.  We played tag on a playground on the way home and also stopped for ice cream.  The three of us had lots of fun.  I even got Creed to do a little trick-or-treating with me on Halloween.  It's wonderful being a grandparent.  I wish all my babies lived close by.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

 My husband is so passionate about photography.  He could eat, drink, and sleep photography.  He submitted these pictures of old churches in Hawaii to the Religious show at the Springville Art Museum and it was juried and accepted.  I'm so proud of him for pursuing his dream and working hard at something he loves.
It was even hung in the main gallery.  (That's it on the far wall.)  I'm so proud of him.

Are you pursuing your dreams? 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

 Friday night we had our annual Halloween party.  This year I kept it simply.  We had a sit down dinner of walking tacos and some yummy desserts and then had our hat judging.  Brenna and Eli wore "Viking" helmets.  They look cute in anything.
Our crazy group. 

Halloween 2011 Mantel

 I thought you might like to see some Halloween pictures.  (The first picture Candice took.  She is so good.) Better late than never right?  Here is my mantel this year in all it's glory.

 It's kind of a bird theme this year with small black birds, crows, a black owl, bird house, and black feather boa.
 Love those 3 M hooks.  I can do all kinds of decorating without adding any holes/damage to my walls.
 I love this garland that Candice and I made together one year.  It was picked up by Making Memories and Target.  Candice posted about my mantel this year.  I'm sure her pictures are better. 

We were infested by a few rats this year too courtesy of the Dollar store.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The last of the Halloween Decore 2011

 A few pictures of my Jeni Gochner gourds displayed this year.

 I love this big one that actually lights up.

I guess you can tell that I love Halloween.  I love decorating for Christmas too.

Halloween Decor 2011

 I've scared myself more than once walking by this doorway in the dark.  I keep thinking this mask is a person.
 I serve food off this table.
 These branches are decorated with Halloween ornaments
 Brenna gave me this cute little guy this year.  He's in the middle of my table.

 My new antique cabinet.  I just love it.  It is missing some bigger Halloween witch and pumpkin man.  Brenna and Eli borrowed them for last nights party.
 A few of my friends and I got together to make our own Halloween garland together.  We spent two nights designing all these things to hang on Baker's twine.  It was very fun.
 The left side of the cabinet full of Lori Mitchell figurines.  I had them among a bedding of candy corn.
 Right side of cabinet.
 Lori Mitchell figures close up.  This shelf has a bed of Halloween tinsel.
 Lots of Halloween candy.
 A Halloween crow.
 Dining room table.
 I added Bethany Lowe vintage reproduction paper medallions this year.  My kids also got them in their Halloween packages.
 A view toward the kitchen.
 A view from the kitchen to the family room.
 My French doors also boasted decor.
 Even the picture frames get changed out with vintage cards and other things.
 I found this owl in Canada while visiting Marissa.  He flew home in my carry on bag.
 Even the couch gets decorated.
 I still love my old primitive witch doll.  It was a pattern sample I made years ago when I had my own store.
Happy Halloween Everyone.