Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is Short

Candice took these pictures of her grandpa knowing that she may not have many more opportunities. Byron Borup, my father-in-law, passed away Sunday night at the age of 85 after struggling with cancer. It happened much faster than we thought but all his children and some of his grandchildren were able to spend the day with him Sunday. We enjoyed being all together.

I've known him almost my entire life. He was kind, loving, and willing to give us counsel over the years. He served in the marines and was proud of his branch in the military. He received many honors from the Boy Scouts of America and served in the Boy Scouts for many years.

He raised 6 great children but of course, I think my husband is the most outstanding of the group. The funeral will be held on Thursday. He will really be missed. He was/is a great man.
Here he is with his dog Max. Max is very sad. He is usually a very rambunctious dog but has laid around being very mellow since Sunday.

We feel blessed that we are an eternal family and believe we will be together again in the next life if we live worthily. This makes the parting easier to bare.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter

My husband did these pictures. Aren't they cool? I'm in the middle. That isn't a headband in my hair; they are goggles. Can you tell who I am? Jenny is on the left and Ali, as Professor Magonigal is on the right. They are always willing to help and so much fun to be around.
This is my brother and part of his family. My SIL and brother both work for Alpine Home Care and Hospice too. So, they came to help with the premiere. He was very creepy as "He who must not be named". Of course at 6'8", he always stands out in the crowd.
Tuesday night I had a premiere viewing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for people my company works with. I try to think of things to make it more fun. My sister asked me to post so she could duplicate some of it. I thought all of you might be interested too.

I made 12 of these golden snitches. They had difficult trivia questions in them. If you could answer the question you won a prize. If you didn't answer correctly, you lost the golden snitch and had to pass it on. You could ask anyone there to help you answer. (I hoped this would help people co-mingle as they waited in line.
I started with a clear plastic ball from Michaels, spray painted the inside with gold spray paint, and glued on two white feathers with a glue gun.
Another version of golden snitches for the pictures. I had costumes for people to put on and we took pictures of their group.

Take a styrofoam ball, paint it gold, sprinkle with gold glitter while the paint is still wet, and stick metal leaves I found in the jewelry section at Robert's crafts. I stuck the balls on a wooden skewer to paint, sprinkle with glitter, and dry. (I got the idea from Robert's but they spray painted theirs and I wanted mine to be glittery.)

Next you can make your own wand. I also got this idea from Robert's. Use model magic clay and roll into a snake the length of a piece of dowel. Push the dowel into the clay and then with your fingers seal the clay around the dowel. You can make it look like it has knots, add vines and leaves, form a handle...be creative. I then let them sit for at least 24 hours (48 is better) and painted them brown and then dry brushed with gold paint.
The wands.
A close up.
Here are some of the wands we gave away. They have a little led light but you have to keep the button pushed for them to light. (Yep, this is why there is a hand in this blurry picture.)
We had a costume contest. Unfortunately, our employees were the only ones to be crazy enough to dress up. We did have two kids dress up so they each one prizes. One prize was the "official" golden snitch. They other was "official" Harry Potter wand and glasses.
We had lots of trivia and prizes. Here are the jelly slugs we gave away along with the wands, and gift cards for the theatre.
Stephanie (my daughter), made these great award certificates for me.

I hope this gives you ideas for your Harry Potter parties. I'm doing New Moon in November. Any one have any great ideas for this movie? I need some inspiration.

Kasey over at "Lola B's" is having a giveaway. Go check it out. She is very talented.

I took pictures of Halloween at the Gate House. I'll post pictures soon. I love that store. I also added the Utah Valley Quilt Fair and took pictures there to show you too.

If you live close to the Springville Art Museum, the quilt show is up. Go check out the great quilts. You will be amazed at the talent.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Discovery Gateway

Last Thursday we all took the day off to play together while Marissa and Mike were still here. Here is Logan laid back in the stroller.
Cousin Creed is in the double stroller with him.

Do they look like cousins?
Beep. Logan's nose is not a horn Creed.
Mike and Marissa watching the kids play in the fountain/water feature.
Eli who was very patient following the little kids around.
Isn't he handsome?
Creed and Eli in the background.
Creed throwing balls over the edge. It is hard to get pictures of 1 and 2 year olds in action. I just couldn't get any fast enough.
Steph, Papa, and Creed putting balls in the vacuum shoot.
Creed and Logan operating the crane.
.Baby Cambell who can tell time. He knows when two hours is up on the dot. He wants to be fed and you can literally set your clock by it. You can tell by looking at him, that he is very deprived. He is the best baby as long as you feed him. You never hear a peep except when he coos and smiles at you. I was able to hold him a lot this week. I loved it! (He was my swimming buddy too. He loves the water.)

Steph and Creed taking a little break.
Logan loved riding the horse.
He's our little Texan.

Papa getting a ride from the boys.
We started out the morning having breakfast at Magleby's Fresh. They have all you can eat thick french toast. The syrup is incredible. It is some kind buttery concoction.

Then we met Steph and Discovery gateway before meeting her back at her house to play in the backyard. When Larry got off of work we all went up the canyon to eat at Ruth's. They had two singers entertaining and Creed and Logan loved dancing and entertaining other diners. I was too busy keeping track of them to be able to take pictures. But, trust me, they were cute. They had some "moves". We came back to our house, put the babies to bed, and played games. It was a very fun day. I love spending time with my babies. I just wish they all could have been here.

A New Quilt for Campbell

I had to take these fast before Marissa left. Here is the blanket I made for our newest grandson, Campbell. I added rick rack, scallops, and what do you call that zig zag edge?
I made these scallops by tracing one of Marissa's plates. I sewed a green strip if scallops by tracing the half circles down the strip. I then sewed the strip and cut the half circles out clipping the edges for easement. I turned them right side out and then lined them up on the row to sew in.
Here is a close up of the rick rack and picot edge. I have a really easy way to make those. If any one is interested, let me know and I'll make up a tutorial for you.

I put minky on the back. It is tricky to work with since it is stretchy and the front is not. I stretched it out and pinned it to the carpet (right side down) then added the hobbes batting (smoothing it out on top of the minky). I then added the top right side up and safety pinned the layers together to hold in place while I machine quilted. I used a walking foot. A real must in my book. I also sewed down each row in the same direction (left side of the quilt to right side of the quilt.) This helps to keep the quilt from shifting in different directions.

If you are close to Provo, Utah, the Utah Valley Quilt Guild is having their big quilt fair on Wednesday, July 15th. They have vendor booths, free quilt classes, a quilt auction, garage sale, bake sale, and quilt show, and lunch. It's at the Eldred Center on 5th North in Provo. It is tons of fun and inspiration. It is from 9:30-4. Come if you can.

Glitter Toes

This is my brother Matt with his children. He is such a thoughtful guy. Everyone loves him. For Mother's Day he hired a girl to come to his house and give us all "glitter toes." He also ordered from Cafe Rio for all of us, cut up fresh fruit and melted chocolate for us to dip it in. He took all the kids and other men off to McDonald's so the kids could play and eat while the girls were pampered. He paid for it all too.
Here are our glitter toes. OK, this picture was only mine and my sister's toes. I won't tell you which foot is mine but my sisters make fun of my toes so now you will know.
Wouldn't you like to have such a great brother? (Not to make my brother Dave feel bad, he is the one who arranged our backpacking trip last year which was very fun. He's better at planning boy things though.)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Here are a few pictures of our Fourth of July adventures. In order to get a spot for the family, we take turns at the parade sight. The older teenagers usually spent the night along with whatever adult draws the short straw. It is party central all along the parade route. The parade wouldn't be the same without all the men making funny quips. Weston ran out and offered a kid $5 if he would play a solo while matching with his band. Eli and Brenna above. All my kids were home with the exception of Candice and Mark. They just barely moved to San Antonio. She called though so she could feel a part of the action.
Steph and Creed. We always bring along snacks. (Every year we think it is too much hassle to go and save a place. This year we said it would be our last year but after being at the parade today, we decided that it is too much fun to miss.)
Our "All American" boy.
Here is part if the gang watching the pre parade. Actually the pre-parade is almost more fun than the real thing. It the parade with the quirky real people.
Logan and Creed showing their patriotism. Is there anything sweeter? They loved the parade and were very good since it is about 2 hours long.
Great crowd fotos...not.
Didn't take many pictures of the parade but here is a float...
(more family and friend pictures),
A balloon....
and a pirate ship. Then it was back to the house to get ready for the BBQ.
We had 32 people over today. Byron and Margrett my DH's parents. This will be our last Fourth of July with Byron. He has terminal cancer so we are trying to make all the memories we can.
This is the BBQ spot. This area used to be my garden but we have too much shade now. Notice my empty pots. Somehow I haven't purchased one plant for my yard yet. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
Welcome to our backyard.
OK, this is after we ate. Hey, we were starving so the pictures had to wait so no nice pictures of the food and the presentation.
I found new outdoor furniture at Costco. It was the last one so it was marked down $350. I had been searching and searching. I feel so lucky to have gotten it. (Two chairs, two ottomans, a stone coffee table, and a couch, 12 thick cushions, and six throw pillows. I love it. With something comfortable to sit on, we can spend more evenings in the backyard. I can't wait until my husband hangs the outdoor light I bought last year. I'm now on the hunt for an affordable outdoor rug. Costco had some but they were ugly.)

Larry and Steph.
Mike and Marissa who flew in from Texas last night.
Eli and girlfriend Brenna.
Margrett and niece Whitney.
Logan in the treehouse. I just love that hair.
The treehouse was a hit along with croquet and bocce ball.
My DH aka the BBQ man.

Thomas dishing up the Italian ice for dessert. Oh yes, he owns Tomasso's in Riverwoods so he brought dessert. Yum!
See what I mean? Don't you want some too?
and me enjoying my Italian ice and my new chairs.
Part of the Forth of July decor.

Happy Forth of July Everyone! It's off to the fireworks next.