Sunday, July 12, 2009

Glitter Toes

This is my brother Matt with his children. He is such a thoughtful guy. Everyone loves him. For Mother's Day he hired a girl to come to his house and give us all "glitter toes." He also ordered from Cafe Rio for all of us, cut up fresh fruit and melted chocolate for us to dip it in. He took all the kids and other men off to McDonald's so the kids could play and eat while the girls were pampered. He paid for it all too.
Here are our glitter toes. OK, this picture was only mine and my sister's toes. I won't tell you which foot is mine but my sisters make fun of my toes so now you will know.
Wouldn't you like to have such a great brother? (Not to make my brother Dave feel bad, he is the one who arranged our backpacking trip last year which was very fun. He's better at planning boy things though.)

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jenjen said...

HOw fun! Those glitter toes look so pretty!