Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Want to See More Easter Decorations?

Now you can see where my bread bowl is. Just in case you were wondering.
A close up of one of the table centerpieces.
Remember the theme is "woodland Easter."
Don't you just love this little vintage bunny?

Another vintage reproduction. I love this one.
Look what popped out of this egg. Yep, a Lori Mitchell rabbit.
The fireplace.
The Easter tree.

The main table. See, the table is still set for you.
Happy Easter in a month and a half. Good thing my children all already have their Easter packages. I am just so organized this year. (That's a joke. I'm so far behind in life but I am determined to catch up on blog posts. I thought I'd give you a few recent ones before I start back tracking.)

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Thimbleanna said...

It all looks so beautiful Kim! And if your kids already have their Easter packages, you're DEFINITELY way ahead. I love your cute little vintage touches!