Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Cool Thing To Do

While on Maui we went to church in Kihei. Someone there told us if you haven't been to the old restored Mormon church on the way to Haleakala you must go so we did. There was such a nice spirit there and we enjoyed seeing a piece of history. We were told the acoustics inside were incredible so we decided to try it out by singing hymns together. We all loved it.
My dad even decided to try out the pulpit.
The church is preserved for historic purposes but not used for church anymore. The missionaries live next door and stopped to talk to us on their way to an appointment. Church in Kihei was great that day too. They needed some help that day so Cheryl led the music and I played the piano. We had such an amazing family/church day and made a lasting memory.


Anonymous said...

I still think we sounded great! Love you and it was so nice to be with you! xoxoxo, Kristen

Cheryl Carr Graham said...

Hi Kimbie! I love your blog and all the great photography! Your home is beautiful and so are you!
I had a GLORIOUS time with you in Maui and look forward to more adventures! Love you, Cheryl