Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hiking adventures with Kathee

Kathee and I are back to our Saturday hiking adventures. Yesterday we hiked from our house (See that white blob by my left shoulder. I think that is the Provo temple. So we started close to there.) to the top of the "Y" and back again. Two hours 40 minutes. It was a challenge but fun. We are both still up and moving today anyway.

I came home and cleaned out the gutter in front of our house and raked leaves. I was pretty tired after all that. The Saturday before we hiked up to the Squaw Peak overlook. We had to keep a close eye out for cougars that have been spotted recently. Luckily there were some snow mobilers and a hiker with a few dogs to act as deterrents. I wanted to try out my new snow shoes but it was easier to hike in the snow mobile tracks in snow boots.
Of course we have to call our husbands from the top and say hello. I now just carry my phone to take pictures instead of my camera. So much more convenient.
It's kind of a dreary day but we always love to be outside.
My husband bought me new exercise clothes for Christmas so I've stopped wearing my purple "Barney" fleece. That's probably a good thing although my friends say they miss it.

I joined Weight Watchers right after I got home from Hawaii and looked at pictures of me with my sisters. So depressing. It's bad enough that I have white hair and am 18 years older than my little sister but do I really have to be twice as big? No I don' I'm doing something about it. This is my 5th week.

I like the new program and it is starting to work for me. I feel empowered and that I have some control in my life. I like the changes to the program but wish they had an app for my android phone. That would make it easier. I'm determined to look and feel different when I meet my sisters again in June.

This is all part of my "it's all about me" year. I'm taking control of my life, trying to get rid of my insecurities, embracing technology, strengthening relationships, getting my house in order, finding joy in the journey, and doing what it takes to be healthy along the way too. I'd love to hear what you are doing.

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Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- are you warming up for our big hike in May LOL? And should I be worried that I don't have any mountains to practice on? It's flat as a pancake here. I do go to the Y (Ha - not the same one on the mountain) and zumba and aerobics classes, so hopefully that will help. Will you be able to do a Tuesday?

Wait. Did you say cougars??? Should we bring kitty food with us?

Congratulations on your year of you. It sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm definitely exercising more, but food habits die hard!