Monday, February 28, 2011

Projects last Spring

Last Spring I went to Florida to visit Marissa, help her get back home from Utah with two little ones, and to help work on projects. One of the projects was to hang pictures on the wall. Check.

We also had two dressers, that Marissa got for a song, to refinish. We sanded, primed,

and painted them turquoise or robin's egg blue.

I had to leave before the paint was dry enough to add the hardware and put it back together. We also had fun playing with the kids, going to the beach, eating out, and just being together.

These have now moved all the way to Canada with the rest of the Garner's. Can't our babies move closer to home? I've had to renew my passport so I can go and visit. What adventures are there to be had in Saskatoon? I might just have to go and find out.

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