Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brenna's Bridal Shower

Last May I hosted a family bridal shower for Brenna. Her wedding colors were going to be yellow and gray with a bird theme so I tried to stick with that. I served bird's nest cupcakes, fresh fruit, yellow candy, etc.
Tissue paper pom poms were hung on ribbon from the ceiling and I decorated branches with ribbons, birds, birds nests, eggs, and some jewels.
Little love birds. Ahhhh.

The cupcakes.
A glitter garland I made with Brenna's name and of course...a bird.

A few of the guests. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone or even get pictures of all her presents. I guess I was too busy being the hostess. Brenna's mom and Brenna's sister.
Brenna's grandmother.
Opening presents.

SIL Michele and niece Nichol.
Niece Jessica, SIL Lynette, Niece McKenzie
MIL Margrett, SIL Shawn, and Brenna's sister.

Eli came at the end to look over all the presents. Who doesn't need a plunger?
We are so happy to have Brenna as a part of our family.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow Kim. You always have the most beautiful parties. I love the colors and theme -- especially those two little lovebirds on the branch! And is that Candace giving you the eye in the one picture? Pretty Funny!

Frankly, My Dear said...

Those cupcakes are wonderful!

-Whitney (of the niece variety)