Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oliver Danger Turns One

Oh yes, our little Oliver Danger turned ONE. Isn't he so cute. These are part of the party decorations. I loved how cute these were. All those pictures of Oliver with party hats. That Stephanie is a clever girl.
A number One pinata hung on the kitchen wall over the food platters that they ordered from Rubios. Delicious!
The cake for everyone...again delicious. I even had a piece before I figured out it was 14 weight watcher points. Yikes!
Ollie had his own little cake which he loved eating the frosting off of. I'm not sure he really ate any cake.

It was fun to watch him destroy his little cake. Before the cake, he opened his many presents. He actually had a lot of help from his big brother Creed.
Thanks for a fun party Steph!
Happy Birthday Oliver. (These pictures were taken with my new phone. I didn't think a phone could be so useful but my new Sprint Evo comes in very handy. Can you believe I'm even embracing a new kind of technology? I'm being brave and branching out.)

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