Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eli's wedding Dinner

OK, I'm really behind in posting and I was busy taking care of details, so didn't get very good pictures. Candice took some great ones but didn't post them so I can't share them with you. She make a book with all her great pictures for me for Christmas. My favorite kind of gift.

Anyway last June, in the middle out doing the addition on our house, I was in charge of the wedding dinner. I had hopes of keeping things simple and going to a restaurant but I was out voted. We had everyone home but couldn't even stay in our house so the wedding dinner was in the bride's parents backyard. This was OK because the reception was going to be in a friend's backyard. Red and white were our colors...vintage fun the theme.
Lots of bottled soda served in a vintage reproduction of a coca cola ice chest. I made table clothes out of ikea curtains and added red and white polka dot fabric pleated ruffles. I threaded wide red ribbon through the grommets and tied big bows.
Eli and Brenna enjoying the party.
Brenna's mom, Leslie, being fed cheetos by her grandson.
Sweet Marissa and Campbell who are currently freezing in Canada where they now live.
An overview of the party setup. See those flags hanging in the background? I was going to make cloth napkins for everyone. They all were white with red polka dots and had red embellishments. Each one was different. I gave up and used them to hang around the perimeter instead.
Red lanterns on shepard's hooks were around the perimeter as well.
Red felt placemats with cutouts were under the geranium centerpieces.
Mike, Marissa, Campbell, and Stephanie.
Creed, Logan and more relatives.
Larry and Oliver. You never know what you will get when you take a picture of Larry. He's a character and we love him. He keeps us very entertained.
Strawberry shortcake served in red and white paper baskets, candy sticks, brownies in a jar with vanilla ice cream served on top, and missile popsicles that have yet to be placed in that silver tub were the desserts.
I guess I'm missing pictures of the food table. We served barbecue pork on rolls, a green salads, a fruit salad, individual bagged chips. I used rolls of carnival tickets as risers...can't believe I don't have a picture for you.

Leslie friend, Leslie, me, and Debbie. The reception was at Debbie's house the next night.

We all had a great time and even lived through all the construction at our house. Valentine's decorations are down and Easter decor is up. We even had a dinner party last night with Brett's students. It seems that there is something every night. Life is good!

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Thimbleanna said...

It all looks so perfect Kim -- just as expected. I laughed at your comment about giving up on the napkins -- what were you thinking LOL? I LOVE the grommets and the dessert table looks divine. I'm thinking we might need the brownies in a jar recipe???