Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Update on my life...in case you are interested

Some people are good about keeping an interesting life journal. I picked mine up again after not writing for two year. (I wrote Eli every week on his mission and kept a copy to count as my journal.) After reviewing what I wrote two years ago, I decided life hasn't changed very much. The general recurring themes...weight issues, keeping up with life, financial pressures, work. Boring. I'm not sure that my posts are any more interesting either and yet I plod on.

So, here is what I've done lately and I don't have any pictures. Friday I spent the morning at Swiss Days in Midway. I met Steph and baby Creed up there. We were supposed to reconnoiter with cell phones but silly me, I left mine at home. Luckily I was able to borrow some one's phone and connect with her. Oh yes, I just asked a stranger who had a cell phone in her hand. I'm not proud.

I brought one of my Halloween garland just in case my favorite vendor was there and would trade with me. She traded me for two little gourds too. I scored! OK, my camera is right here so I guess I will at least need to show you my new acquisitions. I'll do that in a minute. Anywho, Jeni loved my garland and two other people standing there wanted to know where they could get one. (I know I still haven't posted a picture...I don't like taking pictures or posting them either for that matter. I have to FORCE myself to do it. I do love to see your pictures though. LOL) She wants me to be in her craft fair at her house. I'm kind of excited. So, I think I will try to fit that in the first part of October. (Oh wait, that means I will have to find time to sew too.)

I'm already doing two shows with my MIL selling earrings. Sterling Silver...$6 ea. or 4/$20. We hope to do well. One is in Layton the 11th and 12th and one in Park City in October. The event is called "What a Women Wants." We've never even been to one so we'll see what happens.

Wow, I really got off track but this is how my mind works. It flits from one thing to the next. After Swiss Days, I rushed home for Kathee's birthday party. She had invited about half the neighborhood. It was nice to have a great salad and visit with everyone. (I brought my camera but didn't take one picture.)

I rushed from there to SLC to buy some ribbon to use on the flags. I'm going to make Christmas, boy and girl flags too.

Saturday was yoga at 7 am, river rafting down the Provo river (it was a prize for a contest Alpine sponsored), picking up my husband after he dropped off his truck to get fixed, and doing a few chores before rushing off to the BYU vs Iowa football game. (BYU won 41-17)

Sunday was busy with young women's presidency meeting, church, home teachers, visiting Grandpa Creed, labeling and putting in a photo album 7 months of pictures. You know, the typical Sunday stuff.

Monday I slept in...ahhhh....until 8 am. My two Mia Maids did a little service project mowing the lawn, edgeing, and weeding for a widow on our street, I did a little weeding at my house too before the rain started again, did household chores with Eli and Brett and then we headed up to Soldier Hollow for the Sheep Dog festival. Steph, Larry, and baby Creed met us there. It was interesting...we are glad we experienced it at least once in our life. They even had Scottish bag pipers. My MIL had a jewelry booth there and so we helped her take everything down and load up her van. We all went out to eat and then came back to the house to play games. Anyone for speed scrabble or Sequence?

Today exercised at 7 am and then went off to work. After work, Brett and I went to the Provo temple for ward temple night and afterward a social at the Strong's house. It was 10 pm by the time we got home and I got on the computer and now it is time for bed. See...no talent for journaling. At least my kids are good at it.

No success in downloading the gourd picture to this post sorry.

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