Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cooking with the Young Women

This weekend was busy sewing Halloween garlands, which may be a waste of time judging by the non response I received from all of you who read my blog. I really would like to know what you think about them. My husband and I took better pictures (I hope) so I can post them on etsy. I'm even going to make a miniature garland to go over my fairy door.

I did watch a little of the BYU vs Wash. football game. What a nail biter. We came out on top in the end by one point. The win was bitter sweet since the officials called a celebration call against Washington after the last touchdown. Without that, it may have ended with a tie and then gone in to overtime. The cougars did play a better game in my opinion. We have some great players and what makes it even more fun is the fact that Eli played high school football with Luke Ashworth, Harvey Unga, Stephen Covey, Matt Reynolds, etc. They were state champions and Eli was the center. Stephen Covey was the quarter back. I think Stephen might be red shirting this year.

These pictures are a young women activity we had last week. We went to a little cooking school in American Fork. The pictures aren't very good but you can see that the girls are having a great time. The top picture is Megan and the instructor. This picture is of all the girls watching as the teacher talks about hygiene while cooking, pre measuring ingredients, and reading the recipe before you begin. We had six girls and three leaders attend.

Making granola. Sara and Rachel were hilarious!
Rachael and Bronte. I can tell by these pictures that Mrs. Van Waggonen didn't know what to think about these entertaining beehive girls. They kept me in stitches the whole night.
Here is my one and only Mia Maid that came to the activity. She is very quiet. We are now making cookies with the granola mixture.
Here we are in the kitchen watching Kallie bake the granola. She is turning it mid stream so that it cooks evenly and doesn't burn on the sides.
Getting ready to put the cookies on the cookie sheet. Claire, Megan, and Rachael volunteered for this task.
Sara, Emily, and Bronte made up parfaits for everyone using the granola as one of the layers. Yummmm.
We even all received a cute little bag as well as a little booklet with the recipes.
Inside was a granola mixture and a wooden spoon. The name of the cooking school is "The Wooden Spoon.." Although I'm sure most of my family and friends who read the blog won't be interested so much in this post, my young women wanted to see their pictures. So, this is for my young women.


Thimbleanna said...

What a cute group of girls! You sure do have fun with all of your outings!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures Kim. Thank you for sharing all of those cute pictures and for the time that you took to post and label them. You are truly amazing.

Thanks, Mischel