Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween Flag Garland

Here are pictures of one of my Halloween garlands. I need to take better pictures but thought I would at least let me friends see what I've been talking about. Each garland is different. I have about 20 different Halloween fabrics. I've used a lot of different trims too. Of course I have to add buttons. I loooove buttons. I add buttons to everything I make...just because.

Stephanie is going to help me set up an etsy site so I can try and sell these. Five flags to a garland for $38 what do you think? I need your input and expertise. Please give me your honest opinion.

Hopefully my husband will be able to help me take some good pictures. (Candice you are the one I really need.)

I made Candice two garlands with 22 flags each. Stephanie has one with 13 flags. Marissa wanted a kit and a few finished flags for examples so she could try out her new sewing machine. She also has 13 flags. My mom wanted one for her double door entrance so she has 10 flags. My girlfriend has 5 flags and I have three garlands with a different number of flags on each one.

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Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, they're just ADORABLE Kim! Love the fabric and the buttons and everything!

Sorry, I can't give you price advice 'cause I so rarely buy (and never sell) handmade things -- I just usually make them. So, I have no idea how much they'd realistically go for. Maybe there are other etsy shops out there that could give you some sort of guide?

They're terribly cute though and they'd make great gifts!!!