Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm So Far Behind

We went to NYC last week. We had so much fun with Candice, Mark, Grant, and Cole. We actually went for Grant's eighth birthday and baptism. I'll post pictures of the trip another's me...the girl who doesn't like to download pictures.

Steph and family spent the weekend. We went to McKenzie Borup's wedding and reception, put out the Halloween decorations, Steph worked on a quilt, and I worked on finishing more Halloween garlands (I sold the three I had listed on Etsy), and worked on invitations for my Witches Brew Party. I'm still working on Halloween vinettes but when I get them done, I'll share...really I will...I promise. I spent today cleaning the house, doing laundry, sewing garlands, and then we went to dinner at Brett's parents.

It is still plenty warm here but the leaves are changing on the mountains. I love fall. How about you?


Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo you're alive! I told myself yesterday that I needed to leave you a comment on your last post to see if you'd survived. WE. NEED. PICTURES!!! Did you get an umbrella pic??? That's the one I most want to see -- along with all the others. You're WAYYY behind on pics and your list, based on your prose, is getting much longer!!!
Oh! And I want to hear all about Martha!!!

Doggie B said...

At McKenzie's reception, it was nice to see you and so much of the family that I don't see too much.

Marissa Joy said...

Hey busy lady, I think that you should add more to your etsy shop. You have so many cool things that you have created like the diaper bags you made us. I get compliments on it all the time.
It is my turn next for a visit. And I hope that you are planning on being here in April.