Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Photography class.

Not much new in my life to blog about. I've hit the ground running once I got home from Texas catching up on work and housework, plus the usual life demands. I've been tweaking the decor around the house a little and spring cleaning. Exciting right?

I'm excited to be able to take another photography class from Candice. She is such a good teacher. Did you notice how much my pictures have improved? She was even able to help me. (Not that I'm a pro or anything...nothing to brag about...but they are better.)

Now I will learn more about portraiture. There are still a few spaces if you are interested. She had so many people trying to register when the registration opened that the site crashed. Don't worry, they are up and running now. The class is four weeks and only $89. Check it out. There are freebie instructions and tips on the site too.

I love learning new things. I'm also starting Jessica's photoshop class. It is self paced but I'm nervous about starting that. I'm not sure how much stretching this old brain can take at one time. How about you? What are you pushing yourself to do? Honest, I really want to know.


jenjen said...

That's so great! Those are two things at the top of my to-do list.


Thimbleanna said...

Ms. Kim! You're still there -- I hope you had a great trip and visit with family. You photography class looks really fun -- it's full already!