Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Candice's Photoshoot.

Candice took photographs of Gabrielle of Design mom fame last week. I think they are very different and wonderful. I love that we have a photographer (or two) in the family. We get lots of pictures that capture time and memories. I don't think you can ever have enough pictures. I love it.

Candice emailed suggestions of what the family should wear in the shoot. The ideas for the pictures were also Candice's. I'm always amazed at what Candice comes up with. She eats, sleeps, and drinks photography...Ok, she doesn't sleep very much because she is always so busy.

Candice hired Brenda Barrett to get all the props and be the stylist. Brenda is a family friend from way back. Brenda's whole family are artists. Her father is a professor at BYU and teaches art. Candice loved working with Brenda and hopes to do it again.

Sorry guys, Candice's portraiture class filled up the first night. You can go to Jessica's site and sign up to get updated information as classes become available if you are interested.

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kristen said...

These pictures are amazing! I wish she could take pictures of my family too!