Monday, June 2, 2008

How I Painted the Furniture

I was asked to share what I did to paint the furniture. Simple...I sanded it, wiped it off, and used a good quality spray paint. It takes several light coats to get a finished look without drips. (The paint expert at Lowe's said I didn't need to prime it so I didn't.) I even painted the hardware that was on it because it was put on like a giant brad. I added the silver knob. The drawer didn't have any hardware on it so I drilled a hole and added it. It was very simple.

I tried to post the tutorial from the Red Shoe blog where she taught how she paints furniture. Her furniture is great and she sells it in her store. Maybe you will be able to find it. I wasn't able to go back and find it but I didn't look very hard.

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