Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here it Is!

What do you think? I like how it turned out. I'd rather have another night stand than the bookcase but until I do, the bookcase is serving as a nightstand. Next on to the chandelier. It does add a little romance doesn't it?
Here is a close up of the nightstand. It was a freebie from my SIL. It was one of those pine Mexican pieces. Adding the silver knob and painting it black gave it a whole new look. I think I have a "before" picture somewhere. If I find it, I'll post it later. The lamp and shade were $29 from Taipan Trading. I love that store!!!
The bedding if from Target as well as the draperies. Can't remember what I paid for them but they were very reasonable (or I would have made my own.) This is a frame that I bought from Michael's on clearance. It was around $30. I added scrapbook paper until I get some pictures printed.

Here are the curtains.

This is what is on the bookcase. .. along with Stephenson's Mint truffle Hot chocolate mix. There is a kitchen and microwave next to this room. I got the platter and mugs at T.J. Maxx (my favorite store.)

The iron work over the bed I had in my give away pile. I painted it black and now I love it again. (It used to be in my bathroom over the toilet.)

Here is the shelf that is made out of a quarter of a door. I need to merchandise it but I also plan on decoupaging some black and white patterned paper in the center panel and painting the routered edge around that black. I think it will help it blend in better.

My parents come tonight. I hope they enjoy staying in this room. (I hope it won't smell like paint fumes.) :)


Kairle said...

Can I come and stay after your parents leave?! Beautiful job, Kim!!!

Cote de Texas said...

omg! It looks great! I love the turq and black and white combination. Who's bedpread is that from Target? I love it!!!

great job - let us know if your parents like it but somehow, I'm sure they will.


Anonymous said...

Room looks great!
I just purchased a gently used mexican pine piece. I am inspired to paint it after seeing yours. Would you
be willing to tell me about the process?

A thousand thanks,



Hello from Canada! Great bedding. Who would ever guess it's from Target? Looks custom! Lovely.

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh Kim!!! It's beautiful -- I LOVE it! Aren't you excited! I LOVE the blue and black together and I thought for sure you made the bedding -- it looks like the black print I used for some of the wedding stuff. Fantastic Job!!!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Wonderful work!

dewy23 said...

I love the black and white!

SimplyGrove said...

Such a great room!! I love the color combination you chose! Fun blog!!!

rohit said...

Love the pictures you have posted. you HAVE DONE AMAZING WORK them?They are fabulous!these are gorgeous illustrations!Very nice,Lovely pictures.