Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Trip to Oahu

We just got back from Oahu. Brett had a professional conference in Waikiki so I went along for
the ride. We used to live in Laie. The first night we spent the night at the Laie Inn. Yikes! It wasn't very nice when we stayed there for two weeks about 15 years ago. It is really bad now. They are getting ready to tear it down and build a Marriott. Notice the rainbow? We used to see a lot of rainbows.
Across the way from the Lodge is McDonalds. Our kids used to love going to this McDonald's when we lived there. It was the only McDonald's we've been to that actually ran out of fries one day. What is McDonald's without fries?
A picture of my husband in front of the old lodge. It used to be called Laniloa Lodge. The would answer the phone, "Aloha, Laniloa Lodge." We loved how that would roll off your tongue and used that phrase many times over the years that we lived there.

We met some of our old friends and went out to dinner the first night we were there. Cyd Kamuaoha (lt), me, and Lisa Wagner. We had some great times together.

This is Ken and Lisa Wagner. Ken is the basketball coach at BYU Hawaii. We used to love going to all the games and every other event the students put on there. Great times.

These are the Kamauaoha's...Cyd and Spencer. He does photography and has the contract for those tourist pictures at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC).

We spent Sunday eating at the Wagner's house for Mother's Day and going to church in two different wards. It was so great getting a chance to see so many of our friends and people we grew to love while living there. We were surprised at how many people remembered us. It literally was the best three years of our lives. Getting to learn about so many different cultures, enjoying all the nature there was to enjoy there. We kayaked, sailed, went scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding, bike riding, horse back riding, hiking. What isn't to love there?
There were always chickens so I took a picture for old times sake. We took lots more pictures too but my husband took them in raw so I can't download them. Sorry. We also spent some time at the PCC. It was fun; we saw a few old friends that were still there. We used to know a lot of the students in the show and who working there it made it a lot more fun.

This was Laie Point. Our kids used to jump off one side of husband too. I don't think I ever tried it. However, my husband did talk me into taking a surfing lesson this trip. It it something he always wanted to do but we just never did. So, I went just to watch but somewho got talked into it. It was really pretty fun. Wish I had pictures. Oh wait...I was in a swimsuit. Hmmm, sorry I don't have any pictures. :)

Not much in Laie has changed except for the landscaping down the street the temple is on.

Here is another picture a little closer.

Here is the temple.

Here is a picture of a hybiscus. There are always flowers in Hawaii. You have to love that.

From the Laie Inn we went down to Waikiki to the Hawaiian Hilton. Wow, what a great hotel. Here are a couple of pictures of our room. I had to laugh at the partial ocean view. See if you can find it.

The other half of the room.

Outside of the hotel. Beautiful fountains, sculptures, ponds, and koi.

The view off the balcony.

OK, did you find the partial view in this picture? You have to lean out over the railing to see it.
It was OK that there wasn't a view because we too many other things to do.

Here is my hubby in the pool. Didn't get a picture of the ocean to the right of this pool.

This companion program included breakfast every morning, a luau, and hawaiian culture. We made a a haku lei. This is kind of the aftermath.

Here are two of the attendees with their leis. Sorry the picture is sideways.

We celebrated our 31st anniverary while we were there. It was a little early but opportunity knocked. My husbands favorite resturant is Roys. We went to one years ago and he was hoping for the chance to go again while we were there. They had a new Roys in walking distance from the hotel. Here we are.

And this is what we ate. This is making me hungry! This was my husband's dinner.

I had macadamia nut crusted ono over boiled potatoes and asparagus. It was so good.

The luau was at Sea Life park. We got to see the dolphin show before going to eat. The little video is at the bottom of this post. Not too exciting but Cole will love it so this is for you Cole.

A self portrait at the luau. We got leis and everything. Whohoo.

It was so beautiful. We were overlooking the ocean, the food was good local food, and the entertainment was nice too. The ocean was right behind those singers.

You can see the ocean in this picture. The setting was amazing.

Here's the video. Not too exciting.


Kelli Radmall said...

You lucky ducks! It looks like you had a good time. I miss Micky D's with a waterfall and of course the ocean and the chickens. Isn't Sea Life Park a little sad? My friends took me there for my birthday one year because they knew how much I love Sea World. It was fun but I did feel kind of bad for the animals. It's a little ghetto... BUT I love the video and the pictures of your trip!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Kim! It looks like you had a great trip. How lucky that you were able to live there for a few years -- what a wonderful place to call home. And what's up with the chickens -- we noticed them all over when we were there too!