Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones Event

Thursday night we had a movie event at Thanksgiving Point for different people we work with...Drs., physical and occupational therapists, medical assistants, etc. I had costumes and other props for those who attended the event to wear in pictures. (How do you like my golden idol? I painted it gold and added stick on jewels. I called it my bedazzled idol.) Above is the picture of my brother's family and below is a picture of my brother and I. He is 6'8" so was a larger than life Indiana Jones.

My husband was the photographer. I liked the photo process he used. The movie poster/board was behind us which I think added to the effect. I will deliver the pictures next week as an added way of saying thank you for working with us (Alpine Home Care and Hospice). We really had a great time. I love working with my brother. We have a great synergy.


---The Gray's--- said...

Hey! Thanks for the invitation. I was actually off work that day and wasn't able to go! Sounds like you guys had a blast! Thanks again for the invite.. We'll look forward to November!! -kelsi

Thimbleanna said...

SIX FOOT EIGHT??? Is you brother a famous Utah b-ball player??? It looks like you had a great event -- so fun! Love the pictures -- you look so cute. Now where are those bull whips -- am I missing them???