Thursday, June 19, 2008

Utah Valley Home Show

Another post from me. It's either feast or famine for me isn't it? Anyway, today our son is finally coming home. His plane has been delayed for at least 4 hours but at least he will be home soon. We can't wait! And, all the other children and grandchildren will be home soon too. We are going to be in party central for a while. Woo Who...let the party begin!!!! I hope you enjoy all my resent posts. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get in once everyone starts arriving.

My husband and friend, Ray Blair. Our friends Ray and Kathy Blair were here visiting from Eureka, CA. We loved getting to spend a couple of days with them and catch up on life. Ray is a contractor in CA so was checking out Utah construction.
I love going to the home show in Utah County every year. I love interior design so I'm checking out what the local designers are doing. Usually I'm also looking for something specific as well like... what kind of carpet they are using because I really need new carpet. This room is about the size of the family addition we want to add...this one is a little bit narrower and a little longer than ours will be. It is good to see the size instead of just trying to visualize dimensions.
This was a nursery decorated by "Dear Lizzie" a boutique and bistro in Alpine. (My daughters and I love going there. They always have the most unique displays.)
There were actually two chandeliers in this room. Loved the reference to "rockabye baby in the tree tops." The cradle was attached to the ceiling but was made to look like it was hanging from a real tree branch. This must have been tricky to install. Loved the ribbons, newspaper birds with crystals dangling from them.

Oh look, a self portrait. They did a treatment on the wall using a stencil and plaster. I had seen it done years ago but didn't like it. I wish I had gotten a close up because in this case, I did like it. (click on the picture to blow the picture up, and you can see the stencils in several places. It is very subtle.) I also was surprised to see it in several homes (and I only made it to 9 of the 25 homes.)
I liked the way they hung these curtains. I was surprised how good they looked since it was only a thin layer of fabric. They did a cute valance in this same room with these hooks side by side all the way across the window. Below is the desk area in the same room. Surprisingly, they also added pops of orange in accessories in this room.
This house was quite modern and had the most unique lighting fixtures. Truly they must have spent a fortune on the lighting but it really made a statement. I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures for you. This home could have been in Architectual Digest. Hey, those chairs look like my new living room chairs but without the design on the linen.
I'm always looking for organizational ideas. This is one I'd never seen before...little crochet bags hanging from the towel bar full of bathroom necessities.

Cute chandelier. Can you tell I'm into chandeliers this year? This room has potential. I think I saw some of this stuff at TJ Maxx last week. I guess I'm not the only one who shops there. tee hee.
Although you can't see the detail. The wainscoting is planks of wood run horizontally with the shelf bracket on top. Just took this picture to get you thinking about possibilities.
More possibilities. Look at the baseball bats and balls. They are hung from cut outs in the "chair" rail
Nice beaded board too. We have a company called "Best Woods" that makes a pretty good product like this out of MDF (Medium density fiberboard).
Typical basement family room. with built ins. Although along with the plasma tv, they also had a drop down screen with a projection tv hanging down from the ceiling. Is this overkill? Can't tell you how many homes had home theatre rooms.

Loved the detail of the wall behind the mirror.
Faux painting in the play area. The awnings and window boxes are "real."

Black and white/cream seemed to be the in color this year for guest bedrooms. Again, I wish I would have taken more pictures to share with you. (Some of the homes will not allow you to take pictures.)
A close up of the dust ruffle. Black grosgrain ribbon on a small black and white checked fabric with box probably already figured that out by looking at the picture. lol
Cute kids bed I've never seen before. It would be so fun for kids to play on and sleep in but MURDER to make the bed don't you think? Have I shown you pictures of our version of a ship room? It's Eli's room.

This is the first time I've noticed subway tile run vertically. (I'm not a fan of subway tile btw.) The shower is behind this wall and can be entered on either side of this bathtub. I liked that idea...not so claustrophobic as some of the other doorless showers.
This is a bright airy room off the kitchen. The ceilings were very high and that window looked out to the pool. This house was 12,000 square feet. we really need that much space? CRAZY! Where do people get that kind of money? And, if they can afford this, are they at least sharing some of it with their fellow man?

Sorry there aren't more pictures. I thought I'd be able to get out again and see more but life is too busy for that kind of luxury. Sigh, maybe next year.


Kelli Radmall said...

Hey Momma! I like all of your recent pictures! You are queen of all things crafty and creative. Quilts, topiaries, decorating-you know your stuff. I'm excited to see you all soon, but I'm embarrassed that I haven't seen you in so long and I didn't even bring Felicity over yet. Congrats on getting hunky Eli home and have fun with all of your kids! I am going to California next Thursday-Sunday so I will probably miss the homecoming but hopefully I'll see you all after that?!

Cote de Texas said...

What a darling house!!! I love the family room. YOur son is handsome. he was gone for two years? how did you cope?

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Kim -- I wish I lived there. Our home shows aren't nearly so creative. You've shown some great ideas -- thanks for sharing. I sure wish I'd had that bat chair rail when the boys were growing up!

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