Saturday, June 7, 2008

Carr Family Reunion

It was the Marion Elmo Carr (my grandfather) reunion. This month would have been his 100th birthday if he were still alive. Above is Maria Carr and her son Skylar. He is getting ready to go on a mission to Madrid, Spain in September. The next picture is of my brother's family. He has the cutest kids.
Here is part of the family listening to my brother Matt talk about his mission in Spain.

Matt talking about his mission. My husband is on the right.

Cousin Boyd Allred, Mary Lynn Case, my uncle Blake Allred, and Uncle Wally Carr, posing for me.

This is my cousin Mary Lynn's husband Mark and son Zack. We had tons of food and most of it healthful. I was surprised at all the platters of foods and vegetables.

The last two pictures are of my Dad (on the right) and his brother and sisters. (Wally Carr, Trinette Mitchell, Mary Ellen Allred, Janielle Stanger, Lamont Carr.)

June 7 and it was quite cold. We had lots of rain this morning but that at least had cleared up. It was great to see lots of family and catch up on their lives and relive past memories. The kids played games and made balloon animals. They loved the prizes. I wasn't very good at taking pictures...just wasn't in the mood. I wish I would have taken one of Allie. She came in her princess tiara, flowered sun glasses, big white bows in her hair, and her purse on her arm. Very cute.

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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, fun! I love reunions! You're sure fast getting your pictures uploaded and blogged. And wow -- your Dad and aunts and uncle sure are young looking!