Monday, February 25, 2008

The Year of the Clean Out

I'm cleaning out my house from top to bottom. It is a slow process since just getting through life and my regular responsibilities keeps me jumping.

Sometimes it is hard for me to let go of things but who needs all the clutter? Here are some things that help me:

- It is easier to get rid of things when you think, "Someone really needs this and I'm not using it."
(Clothing, old coats, etc. If you haven't used it/worn it in a year, you should give it to charity.)

- Tell yourself over and over , "Just let it go." Make it your mantra. Once it is in the "to go" pile don't let yourself pull it back out.

- Think of the end results. Think how good it will feel when you have a clean, organized, uncluttered space.

- Send it to a new home. I have some things I made that are hard for me to let go of but they are "country" and I'm trying to get away from the "country" look. It would be easier if I knew they were going to a good home. I sounds dumb...but hey I'm somewhat attached. Maybe a friend would like it. Maybe you could use it for a giveaway on your blog.

- Sale it on Craig's list or at a garage sale. (Think of it as a fund raiser so you can get something you would really like... umm, like organization bins.)

- Give your kids or a friend free reign to tell you what you need to let go of. My kids did this for me and I took their advice. OK...some of it moved to my studio space but I did get rid of alot. I'll show you the studio after I finish organizing. :) I'm excited because I got a new table and chairs for my birthday from my husband. For Christmas I got new book cases. I'm in the clean out mode so it's a big mess.

(Be aware that you will probably get rid of something you'll find you wish you had kept. It's OK. Hopefully you will be able to replace it. It is a small cost for peace of mind.

My goal is to clean something out everyday. Some days it is only something small but every little bit helps.

What works for you? I'm open to new ideas. If you read this, consider yourself officially tagged to clean something out.


Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Kim, thanks for your comment. I need to do a top to bottom clean out too. It is amazing how quickly things that should have been discarded or donated pile up and then you really have a job to do! I am really enjoying your blog:>)

Cote de Texas said...

Great tips! Now, will you just come to my house and implement them?????

Thanks for your very sweet comment!!

Steph said...


I desperately wish you were here. I'm feeling overwhelmed getting the house ready to sell. I'm worn out and we've only just begun!

The good news is that Larry is being better about getting things than I thought I would so we spent several hours on Friday cleaning out the basement without a single arguement!

Marissa Joy said...

Cleaning out is a never ending project especially with a husband that can't get rid of anything...I need your help mother. Thanks for the tips.

Lauren said...

I have been organizing (getting rid) for a few weeks now... very slowly. My problem is when you have gone through the things and you come out with a pile of "keep" items that are really random. How do I organize those things? I have 3 small kids (Creed and Ollie are a few weeks off in age from my 2 oldest) and they have such random stuff. Anyway, if you have any ideas let me know. :) Thanks!