Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bed Buddies

This is what we call a "Bed Buddy". We heat them in the microwave for 2 minutes and put them in our beds to warm the sheets. (1 1/2 minutes for the kids because they get hot.) You can't believe how good it feels on a cold winter's night. You can also put them in the freezer to use medicinally.

This Christmas I made oh so many of these for my neighbors along with a personal letter telling them the things we loved about them. It took me a long time to write all those letters but my neighbors appreciated it. The letter started out something like this: here is something to keep you warm and a letter to warm your heart. Many of my neighbors expressed their appreciation especially for the personal letter at such a busy time of the year. Here is how I make them.
We use feed corn purchased from Intermountain Farmers. It is approximately $8.00 for a 50 pd. bag. It is better than rice because it is less expensive and retains the heat longer.
Yes, this is what it looks like...hard kernals of corn.
Cut your fabric. It doesn't matter what size it is. I cut these 7 inches by 20 inches.
Sew with right sides together. I line up the edge with my presser foot to gauge the seam allowance. I also use a small stitch length. Cole (who is four) is helping sew these. Aren't those cute little hands? Leave an opening for turning.
See the opening between the two pins? Next, go around again zig zagging the edges. (I sew a lot but I don't own a serger. Don't forget to leave the opening unsewn.
Turn bag right side and and fill with corn.
Here is Grant (age 7) filling the bags. I fill a cup up with the corn and squish it so it works more like a funnel. I also fill it over a tray. Easier clean up when all the corn doesn't make it into the bag. Don't fill the bags too full. You want the bag to be able to conform to a knee, shoulder, back, or other hurting body part. I sew the opening shut on the sewing machine...another reason not to fill it too full.

You can make a cover that you can wash since the bed buddy is not washable. Does any one want a tutorial on that? I have extras for guests to use and take home too. Happy sewing! They really are great to have.


Melissa said...

very cool. I've always wondered what was inside of those great bags. I'll have to try one out. That is awesome that you took the time to write a letter with your gift too. I'm sure that meant so much to your neighbors.

Charmingdesigns said...

Corn huh?! I wonder if I can find some here...we use flax seed, smells when heated but soft. My pincushion, you should be able to get to it from my blog on the left it says ebay, I'll go back to my blog and make a link, if you click on the highlighted ebay it should take you there. Thank you for your interest! Laurie

Jen r. said...

This is a great idea, I could use one of these!

Kathleen Grace said...

My sister-in-law made me one of these and it is wonderful! I love to warm my feet up at night with it (and hubby appreciates that too!) I would recommend these to anyone:>)