Monday, February 18, 2008

Making Memories of Shooting Off Rockets

Here we are in the front yard. (Ok, I'm taking pictures and my husband is shooting off a rocket with soda pop and Mentos candy.)

Loading the candy.

Blast off. It did go a lot higher I just didn't get the picture snapped until the rocket was on the way down.

Cole loading the Mentos for his turn.

Cole enjoying all the fun.

Hobbes and Cole. Hobbes was outside shooting rockets with us too. Hobbes is our faithful dog we've had for more then 10 years. We bought him from the pound for Marissa for Christmas one year. She begged for a dog and promised she would take care of him for ever and ever. She went away to college, went on a mission, got married, and bought a new smaller dog. Go figure! At one time I tried to give him away but my husband couldn't part with him. Now he is dying of cancer and won't last long. It is so sad and hard for us. He has been a good friend and protector.

Here is Papa and Grant getting ready to try it again. And....finally we had some sunshine to enjoy! Oh, what bliss!


Steph said...

That looks like so much fun! When Creed gets older will you shoot rockets with us?

I'm going to have to add this and your recipes to my file of fun, easy ways to entertain kids!

Kristen said...


Can you explain exactly how the rockets work? I figured it was one of those things my husband would know how to do, but he's never tried this. If you need to know how to make a marshmallow shooter though...he's your man. Thanks! I have a little boy (and girl) who would have a blast with these!

Kim said...

We bought a kit from a book fair that had everything you needed. A cylinder screws on to a pop bottle and hold the mentos. When you pull the string, it lets the mentos fall into the soda and that creates a chemical reaction that shoots off the rocket. It was fun.