Sunday, February 24, 2008

Making Play Dough

Here is Cole busy mixing all the ingredients for playdough. (I didn't let him cook it. A four year old and a hot stove are a recipe for disaster. Don't you think so?)

You can see our kitchen tile job in the back ground. My husband and I made up the design, he drafted the design out, we picked out the tile together, and we did the tile job ourselves after we got a $700 labor bid. It was really pretty fun and not very hard if you are patient. We made a good team on this one which isn't always the case.

Just goes to show should clean the kitchen before you photograph.
Look at the big ball of play dough. Next we divided the ball into fourths and colored them blue, light blue, yellow, and green. He loved mixing in all the colors.

Here are our colored balls.

Rolling out the play dough and cutting out shapes with cookie cutters.

This is a ghost shape.

We had hours of fun together. The recipes are farther down in an older post. Check it out and make you own.

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