Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sebastian Darcy Post #2

 Sebastian on day 2 in the hospital.  How quickly they change.

 Candice asked me to embroider a "onesie" with Sebastian's name ...cute idea.
 I shot all these trying to not get in Candice's way.  Mark was holding a gold reflector.  What a difference it makes in warming the tones and filling in the shadows.  If you don't have one, you need one along with an assistant to hold it in place.  :)

 Look at his feet.  They are what he inherited from my family...long skinny feet and toes.
 I think he has our hands as well.
 Candice in action.  She is such a good photographer.  I've learned so much from her classes but it is amazing how much better her pictures turn out.  The touch of a real pro.
Sorry I was so busy taking pictures of the baby, that I didn't get any pictures of her beautiful room that we decorated the last time I was there.  Maybe she will post pictures one of these days.  We bought a side table and two lamps while I was there this trip.

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candice said...

They look really good Mom!