Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on the Texas Furniture

The Fourth of July was full of all kinds of fun starting with the Provo Parade. It has become a Borup tradition to take turns staking out and saving the Parade spot. This is my brother Dave, his wife Leslie and his grand kbaby, Zachary. They came early for the balloon launch but missed out since it was too windy to launch the balloons. I was able to watch at least 17 balloons when they launched on Friday.
Steph and Creed.
The Borup clan. Don't they all look patriotic?
And the only picture I actually took of the parade was the Yogi Bear balloon. I promise you going to the parade with the Cory Borup family is a very entertaining experience. An experienced not to be we don't.

We had a great time at Sundance Friday night. We ate at the grill with Eli and Brenna and our friends Heidi and Blaine, and then went to the Blue Bird Cafe Concert. Such a great evening. The weather was beautiful, the concert was entertaining (even though we are not into country music), and the setting unbelievable. We love going to Sundance. (All these pictures were taken with my phone otherwise, there would be no pictures. I love having a camera built into my phone.)

And now for the promised update on the furniture in case you were dying of suspense. My shipper left for parts unknown. The last I heard, he was hitch hiking to Arizona. But, I did get a text telling me where my furniture was being stored after making a ton of phone calls to anyone I could think of who could possibly know him or where my furniture might possibly be. A new shipper and the sheriff picked up almost all my things. Unfortunately, the warehouse was broken into and a few of my things are missing.

Fortunately, the big pieces where still there and are supposed to be shipped this week. Woo Hoo. It's almost been a year. I'm not holding my breath though and I'm still waiting to find out how much this shipper will charge to deliver my much awaited booty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be reasonable. (I'm already out my deposit from the first shipper.)

This week we changed out all the plugs and light switches (which we couldn't do at the same time because even though we picked the plugs out from the same bin at Lowes, we ended up with 3 different kinds. Of course, we didn't discover that until we were in the middle of the project.), put up curtain rods, hung linen curtains in the living room and new office, purchased a rug for the office, purchased a new computer to replace the dinasaur we were using, purchased a new couch (that was supposed to be delivered tomorrow but that called and said that a chair was sent instead of the couch. I tell you a have Murphy's cloud hanging over my head so now I just am excited when something goes smoothly.

Lastly, I'm hoping my Harry Potter premiere on Thursday night goes well. I've been working hard to get 329 people in the IMAX theatre at Thanksgiving Point. I do these premieres for people we work with at Alpine Home Care and Hospice. Wish me luck! The way things are going in my life, I'm going to need it.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow. What a saga. I'm glad you've found at least most of your furniture -- I'm sorry it's been such a drama! I feel your pain. The rest of our house really needs a revamp, but I'm thinking I'll stop after the kitchen and family room. I don't think I can take the chaos any longer. Good Luck with your Harry Potter project!