Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Yellow Birthday Celebration!

Stephanie always has something fun going on. Last weekend we went to Creed's second birthday party. WE had lots of fun. Check out her blog, two, three, four. We also had a photo booth. I didn't take pictures because we used my camera for the photo booth. What did we do this weekend? We went to the Festival of Many Colors. We would not have gone without Steph's encouragement and we really had lots of fun. Brett and I even made it to see BYU men's volleyball Friday and Saturday night against UCLA. We lost Friday night and won Saturday night.

On Saturday, after I went to yoga, Steph and I went to get pedicures. They were having a $15 special and I had a gift certificate from my birthday so I shared....YUMMY. We had to check out a new bakery in Provo called "The Sweet Tooth Fairy" and had great "cake bites." Meagan Brown is the owner and we enjoyed spending a few minutes with her. She's friends with Danielle P. who sent us over to check it out so we had to say hello. My DH made a book case for Creed at Steph's request. Maybe Steph will post a picture soon.

S0, it was a busy weekend filled with family and fun and now this evening we are back to quiet and gearing up for another work week. Sunday nights are always a little depressing for me but tomorrow I am still off and will be finishing my kitchen bar. I have the finish coat left. I hope I like it after all is said and done. (My fingers are crossed because sometimes things work out way better in my mind than they do in reality. I'm sure this never happens to you.)

Candice has been doing lots of photography posts. So, check out her blog. I love to see her work.

Marissa is getting ready to have baby number two. I can't wait to meet her new arrival.

I've been doing lots of house cleaning but I think it all got undone this weekend. I also have been spending lots of time trying to hammer out details of my family room addition so we can start having it bid out. Christine even gave me advice on her blog. She is an interior designer and gives great advice. (She devoted two posts to me. What a nice girl.)

Layla did a virtual design for me. I think I figured out how to post those so I'll show you those tomorrow. Stay tuned...

This pretty much catches you up on things. I owe you pictures of my finished bar and the festival. You won't believe how much paint powder was in the air. It was unreal.


Thimbleanna said...

The links worked for me Kim. It looks like you're getting lots of great advice!

Cakespy said...

I found this through your mention of the Sweet Tooth Fairy--I have to echo that they're the BEST! I live in Seattle but Megan has mailed me some of her cookies and cake bites, and WOW are they good!

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