Monday, March 9, 2009

A little View of our Home

Here is the living room. It's coming along. I just purchased a new light so I can change out the brass one on the living room ceiling. (I'll probably paint out the brass and use it in another part of the house.

A close up of the couch which I love because those cushions have down in them and are so comfortable. I could use this in my new family room addition, we are working on the plans for it right now, but it shows lint and would be a little harder to maintain in a family room.
Here's a picture of my bedroom. It's big and I love being in there.
More bedroom pictures. That is one of my husband's photographs. I used to have another larger picture there but I sold it. (I wish I had that to do over again because I really like how the picture was framed and don't remember the mat color and frame style to do it exactly the same. We sold the picture for the normal cost of my husband's picture and then sold the frame at cost. I'm kicking myself for that one because I could have just as easily sold the print for them to frame.)
We used to have a tv in that entertainment center but Eli took it over when he got home from his mission for his games. No big loss except for now we have a big empty entertainment center in our room.
Here's a pic of the master bath. We still need to change out the tile floor around the toilet. I'm trying to decide if I should sand and stain the oak cabinets darker to pick up the darker color in the granite. We used to have one of those ugly brass bar lights and a big solid mirror. We built the box under the lights because the electrical box was in the middle and I wanted to add a light over each mirror. It made for an easy fix and I like the added detail. It also made it so the lights stood out far enough from the wall to clear those thick frames around the mirrors. (The lights are from Lowes and the mirror were from Costco.)
Here is our kitchen with a close up of the tile design over the stove. We enjoyed designing this and doing the tiling ourselves. I tried to find a blind I like at Lowe's to go over the window but only could find a whimpy matchstick one. Those country curtains are way overdue for a change. Yuck!

We are in the process of redoing the bar. It has an oak veneer. My husband is making raised panels to match the cupboard style and I will paint the panels off white and then antique. I'm hoping it will look like a separate piece of furniture and add detail.
Looking from the kitchen toward the family room. We want to replace all the floors with hard wood. My kids think I should paint the cupboards. I like them but it might be too much with the hardwood floors too.
Here is the current fireplace. Should be get a new fireplace surround or redo this one in the new addition?
That wall with the fireplace is going. The room will extend out from there another 15 feet and add another 15 1/2 feet to the left making an "L" shaped family room. Man this room is ugly and way overdue for an update. I haven't done anything because we were trying to decide about adding the addition or moving or just updating what we have. We are moving in to the bidding stage on the addition and think that is what we will go with. I want to add another french door where that window is but it will make it much harder to do something with the space.
Here's what I want the new addition to look like. OK. I can't afford the chandelier and the room won't be white washed or quite this big. But, isn't this a great space?

OK everyone. Give me your expertise. You can see my style. What ideas do you have?


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Very, very nice. All the color combinations are beautiful.

Thimbleanna said...

Your home is beautiful Kim! I think the antiqued looking wood to the front of that last picture would be a cool look for your kitchen cabinets. My cabinets are a similar color to yours. I'd love to replace them, but there's no way I'm even touching them as they're a good custom-made cabinet. I'm hoping they'll be back in style someday LOL. Your kitchen layout is just like the house we lived in before we moved back here!

jenjen said...

Your home is lovely! It all looks wonderful! My kitchen has similar tile and granite - very pretty! Good luck with your new addition. I am excited to see what you do!

Thanks for the tour!


candice said...

I actually love everything about that room but the light fixture so I think you should keep it as close to the photograph as you can. And use that fire place idea and not the one that you have now.:) Love you Mom! Thank you for creating a home that we all want to come home to, and I don't just mean the decorating.

Jaz said...

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