Friday, March 6, 2009

Pushing Myself, My Creativity Level, and my Brain

You might not hear from me a lot the next 6 weeks or maybe you'll hear from me more as I post pictures from my assignments. I'm taking a beginning photography class from Candice. It's called "Oh Shoot!" Isn't she a clever girl?

If you want to take any online photography classes, check out Jessica Sprague's website. Jessica is a digital wizard (learn photoshop and digital scrapbooking) and Candice teaches the photography basics and maybe advanced too. (I think she is teaching portraiture next...her specialty.) They both are highly educated and qualified. There is so much available and the prices are great. I plan on taking more if I survived this one anyway. (Oh, and if you want to take a class, you have to be quick. Candice's class usually fills up in the first 15 minutes that it is available. I'm not kidding. It's true. So, watch for the next registration time and get your computer ready to go before the time hits.)

The first assignment was about shutters speed. The picture above is of a beaded heart that I spun on the chandelier and took the picture with a slow shutter speed (and 60 mm lens) to show movement.
This heart is also spinning but with a fast shutter speed, you can capture the picture without showing movement. I even put photoshop on my computer by myself...I've only had it since Christmas. :) Now I guess I'll have to jump in and learn that too. Be still my own laptop, my own camera that isn't a point and shot (OK, it was a hand-me-down that my husband agreed to part with now that he has a new one, but it's still mine) and now photoshop too. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new challenges but I'll keep you posted on my progress if you are interested anyway.

Now I want to know what you are pushing yourselves to do. Did you say nothing? I hope not. What's life without the joy of learning something new? I love to learn!


Thimbleanna said...

I'm interested! Your class sounds FUN. So, does the mother get a discount LOL???

I'm just pushing myself to keep up. And to get through the pile so I can get back to a bit of real quilting -- not the little projects I seem to have floating around!

WendyandGabe said...

This sounds like something I'd like to try someday.

I'm currently learning to knit and taking an independent course on Ancient Egypt.