Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Dinner Party

My husband had his student officer's and their dates/spouses to dinner on Saturday night. I thought I'd share the table setting. I love to create different looks. This one was pretty low key. We ended up putting plywood over two tables to try and get enough space for everyone. We don't live in a McMansion .

In this day of economizing, I thought I'd share what I did and where I purchased my items. (All these things I already had. I didn't go out and buy anything for this event.)
The square plates are from Taipan trading. I think they were around $2 a piece. The red goblets were on clearance after Christmas from Target. The stick placemats and rocks were from the Dollar store. The wooden candle trough with 7 of the glass candle cups from $10 from Ross. The black napkins from Tuesday Morning. Now all I need are some decent dining room chairs. I've never had any unless you count folding chairs from Costco as dining room chairs.

I did whip up the Osnaberg table cloth on the far table. I had the fabric hangin around. I want to get some more and experiment creating french, vintage looking, pillows. I love osnaberg fabric.

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