Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Witches' Brew Party

Last night was my witches brew party. Remember the invitations I posted earlier this month? You had to wear your own original witch hat to join the fun. A lantern lighted cemetary, complete with rod iron fence sections, welcomed all who dared to enter. I didn't take a picture of that either.

Here is Wendy. My husband took all of these great pictures against our living room wall and then added a little texture. Yes, I know that I am lucky to have such a wonderfully talented husband who is willing to do things for me.
Here is my daughter, Steph. This is her scary face.
Isn't she cute?
My sister-in-law, Shawn, won the award for the creepiest hat. Shawn's hat came complete with spooky sounds that she could turn on and off.

I had little voting cards that those who attended filled out to vote for their favorite in each category. The winners received either a ceramic pumpkin or cat, with a wire handle, filled with Halloween treats. Each one had their own little tag with the category listed in a Halloween font. Did I think to take a picture? No, even though they looked so cute lined up on top of my china cabinet (three black cats, and two pumpkin heads).
This is Margrett, my MIL. She came all decked out. Isn't she great! Black lace skirt, colorful scarves, striped stockings, silver shoes with lime green laces, Halloween bracelets, and even a lime green slip made out of netting. AWESOME! You gotta love it!
I love this picture. My husband asked us all to give out scariest face. This is great isn't it? (I hope she doesn't cast a spell on me for posting this but I couldn't resist. It's so good.)
She also won a prize..."Hat you are most likely to steal." She hand knitted this hat out of wool yarn and then felted it and added hand stitching. I told you she went all out.
Mischel had the best pose. She looks like you could put her right in to any Halloween movie. Look out...I think she is casting a spell on you.
Steph had a few of her friends from high school join us. Melinda crocheted all the flowers on her hat.
Another friend of Steph's. Mary Ann (Marnie) won: 'Most likely to belong to Glenda in the "Wizard of Oz."' These friends of Steph's are kind of like my kids. I get attached to the kids that spend time in my home. She even used my party invitation as a hat for her baby. (She knows how to follow ALL the rules. LOL)
Lynette, my SIL, came as "iron witch." Lynette truly competes in iron man contests. She attached to her hat all things you need to use in a race. She won the prize for the "Most Unique" hat.
OK, I wish I had only shown the back of my hat. I had little bats flying from wire on the top, a big bow in the back with a train, a feather boa around the edge, a feathered owl and vintage orange tinselly stuff loosely wired around the crown. I love my hat. I wore orange and black striped stockings and great witches shoes...pointy funny shoes.
My neighbor across the street, Kay. She is waaay too nice to be a witch.
Leslie was brave to come. She had never met any of us. Leslie is Brenna's mom and I was dying to meet her. She won for the "Most Ornate" hat.

She loves Halloween too. I hear her house is amazing this Halloween season. I'm going to make Brenna take me to visit and I'm bringing my camera so I can share pictures with all of you. Think they will let me?
This is our cute little Brenna. She is always smiling. If I had had a category for the sexiest hat, she would have won. Brenna is Eli's girlfriend.

I had a few late comers but didn't get their pictures. I had a good time. I think my friends did too.

Want to hear what else we did? If I get at least 10 comments, I'll tell you more. I might even take a picture of the back of my hat and also show you some Halloween decorations in my home. Come on I know you want to say hello and tell me what you are up to.


Kelli Radmall said...

OOOHHH...I am scared from all of the spooky hats and pictures. I think someone put a spell on me to eat ice cream. Must. Get. Some. Now. I love the pictures of Grandma Borup-she is such a babe. Also-Momma Kim-is that the Liahona you are holding in your picture?

Paulina said...

Sounds like such a fun party and I love the hats. My favorite was yours and the leopard one. What a great idea. I love to entertain and would love to hear more about your party! The invitations were beautiful, by the way.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Stealing a few moments to answer comments tonight. Thank you for the kind comments over at my Site. I certainly enjoyed browsing through yours. Loved the Hat photos. Your NYC trip looked so fun. I went there myself two years ago.
Looks like your family knows how to have a good time!!! Thanks again for stopping by.
Mary Lou

Kirsten said...

Your party looked fabulous!!! I actually threw one of these last week with some of the woman in my ward. It was really fun!! I hope to make it a tradition and do it every year now. I want to hear about the rest of your party...I'll leave enough comments to make ten!! ;-) I want to hear about what you DID about the party. That was my hardest part. We got everyone there but it was a little tricky about what to do besides eat! I would love to hear about the food, and what all your categories were for next year!!

The hats look amazing...every last one and yes your MIL is awesome!! Your hat was so fun looked a little like mine!

Marissa Joy said...

More, more, tell us more! I wish I could have been there. It sounds like it was a blast and I miss you guys.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Kim, It looks like all the ladies had so much fun showing off their wonderful hats. Thanks for sharing.

Tell hubby great pics!


Melinda said...

The party was fantastic! Thank you for inviting along your pseudo-daughters to join in the fun. The decorations, activities, company, food and invitations were all amazing! Thanks again.

Meridee said...

I also want to hear more. The hat are fabulous, good work girls. Tell more about the party and yes, please, show your house.

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

hey Steph's mom! looks so fun...i missed out on Steph's party last year, i think my husband was working (darn med residents).

so i should thank you for making Stephanie that beautiful halloween quilt...when i visit taught her i got to see it and i took pictures and just finished my own a few weeks ago!! (it only took me 2 years with a few others help). i haven't added a spider yet, maybe in another 2 yrs!

Megan said...

OK! Show the rest already. I stalk your daughter's blog, because she is so talented and because Creed is so cute. (He looks just like my Cooper ;) ) and I want to see the rest of the pictures because clearly, I have much to learn from all you ladies!

Cristin said...

When Steph shared this idea last year we decided we would have to do it this year with daughters & was so much fun!

Your party looks the creative hats...and more!

Britain said...

I just love all the pictures! What a talented family you have. As a tribute to Steph's creativity I decided to do a Witches' Brew for the primary girls and their mommies this year. I may steal some of your hat categories if that is OK. I am just glad you had your party first. :)

Hilary said...

what amazing friends and you are an amazing party thrower! I don't think my friends would be as fun!