Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Decorations

A last picture of my Halloween Hat from the Witches Brew Party. It has been part of decor for several weeks now. Why not leave out your hat, broom, pointy shoes, cape, or feather boa? They can become a great vinette. (OK, I know that is spelled wrong but spell checker isn't helping me out.) I have mine on top of some old family trunks. An old wooden bobbin makes a great hat stand.
I love these funky pillows. Can't remember where I found them. I think I got them at TaiPan Trading in Draper. (Great place if you haven't been there.) This witch I made when I owned Heartland Manor. My kids think it is creepy but I like it.
See she has a skeleton key, vintage buttons, a buffalo wooden nickel, an old nickel. Who do you side or my kids?
Little Halloween scenes fill my downstairs. Here's one.
A close up of my fire place.
My fireplace without my "All Hallow's Eve" garland. Candice ended up with hers and mine and was supposed to mail it back to me. Doesn't it look naked without it? Hint, hint, Candice.
Another scene in the window.
My gourd collection from my friend Jeni.

Isn't she amazingly talented?
My kitchen window. It's a bit backlit. I love setting up holiday decorations in my window. It gives me something to look at while I am standing there washing those ever present dishes.
Of course all the pictures in your house should join in the holiday spirit. Doesn't Marissa look remarkable in a wedding dress and mask? What a beautiful bride!
Here is a view out the living room window. See my little graveyard out there? I'm not too crazy about the witch silouette. (Another French word I don't know how to spell.) I like things that are original and unique.
My little crows in the window sill.
Something new that my friend a Jeni made this year. I just love these things. She decided to see how well stacking pumpkins would sell. They lasted for all of two seconds.
I even decorate the chandeliers. This is eat in kitchen area.
The dining room chandelier. I didn't show you the chandelier itself. My kids say it has to go. One of these days I guess.
The dining room center piece for this year.
I know these are massed produced but they make me laugh. I add one or two to my collection every year. I think that will be all I am adding to the collection. My house can't hold any more and I don't know where else I would put anything anyway. Sad isn't it?

The napkins from the witches brew party. Love those. Found them in NYC.
These are the soup bowls and some of the dishes I used that night. We ate dinner on the white square plates. I love dishes. My mom passed that trait on to me. You should see all the dishes she has.
Of course I just happen to have a few flag garlands. They are hanging around the doors and windows. I still have 9 for sale. Any takers? Oh look, now you can see the top of the chandelier. Maybe chandelier is too grand a name for that beauty. (It seem I know how to spell that French word.)
A card left over from my store and a frame from the dollar store.
This also is on top of the piano. Taipan Trading had those great signs for a very inexpensive price. The store is already packed with Christmas decorations and it's a hugggge store.
A close up of my cat. I'm not a huge cat fan but it works for Halloween.
The top of the living room armoire. (Spell checker doesn't like that French word either.) You can see my spider web reflected in the mirror. It hangs across the door. I am a crow fan.

I'm not sure why I didn't think to move this out of the hallway so I could take a better picture of this. Candice and I finished this some time this year. It was published in this October's Creating Keepsake magazine. She gives you close ups and tells you how to make them. It's our 13 days to Halloween countdown. Each number has an activity...go pumpkin hunting, carve a pumpkin, pick out a character you want to be for Halloween, etc.
#1 was one of my grandmother's shoe buckles. Number 13 is our gypsie fortune teller box. That is a picture of my grandmother in there. She was dressed up for a dance recital. I love making things that have memory.
The jewels you see here and there are family heirlooms too. Don't's just costume jewelry.
#10 is howl to the moon. We just won't be able to do it very late at night. We don't want to wake the neighbors after all.

Last but not least. This is what was inside my little crackers. Don't forget to leave a comment to enter into my drawing for one of my Halloween Garlands.


Meggan said...

I would like to nominate
For your garland. It would just be a great add to her Halloween decorations. She has almost as much as you :o)

Hilary said...

Your decor is darling. And amazing! I love Lori Mitchell figurines too. They always make me smile.

Lori said...

Holy Cow~~~

The witch is the BEST part of your window!! LOVE IT!!! Where did you get something like that! Gotta love our witches!! Tee-Hee!!!

Many Blessings......
PS. Stop on by and let me know IF you would like to exchange links!!

Diane said...

WOW what a lot of decorations, they are lovely though. You must get sad when its time to take them all down, but then you get to put up the xmas ones so maybe its not too sad after all. Im going to give your address to my friend as she has so much halloween stuff theres barely room for the dogs to get about LOL...bye for now...x

wandering nana said...

WOW..... I want your house with all the decor. I love all your wonderful ideas. We lived in SLC until a year and a half ago (transfer at 59!) and I loved Tai Pan. There is nothing in Seattle like it (anyway, I haven't found it) so guess I need to make a trip. Did you have a store?
And I like to have original stuff and unique stuff too but how can you resist L Mitchell? I added 4 to my collection this year but have to quit as I don't have the room or the house to display anymore. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Cristin said...


Halloween On Canterbury St. said...

Love it.
We are hosting a block Halloween party and would love to have your garland as an addition.

Meridee said...

I loved Heartland Manor. I used to go there all the time. I took a few classes there too. I was very sad when it closed. I loved seeing your decorations also--fun!!

Kelli Radmall said...

Always love your decorating. I especially like the crows on top of the armoire.