Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Halloween

A close up of one of my many gourds that my friend Jeni makes. I just love them!
My collection. OK...I forgot to turn this picture before I posted it. It's par for me isn't it?
My fairy door that Steph gave me for my birthday. Of course I had to make a miniature Halloween garland and replace the side window curtains with Halloween fabric. (I made one for Steph as well.) My fairy wants to celebrate too. I hope she doesn't mind that I moved her temporarily from my studio. I thought she said she wanted to be there for the Witches Brew Party.
A couple more pictures of the party invitations. You have to make your own original witches hat to attend. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. What would your hat look like?
Well...I'm off. I have a big day of work tomorrow and then I'm off to sell earrings at "What a Women Wants" in Park City this weekend. I have my fingers crossed that we will do well. I need to earn some Christmas money.

Can you believe that I am already seeing commercials for Christmas and many of the stores around here have all their Christmas decorations/displays out for sale? Yikes...I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Sheesh, I'm still working on Halloween. P.S. I am not buying one more Christmas decoration this year. Hold me to it will you?


David said...

These are looking super cute..! I love your Halloween crafts.

Laurel said...

As always, your craftiness astounds me. Incredible!

I do have a favor to ask... Could I get your recipe for the frosting you put on cupcakes? I remember how amazing it was from Marissa's shower last year, and need a great fluffy one like it. Either on my blog OR email would be fantastic.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Kim, I love your friends gourds and your garlands. Such wonderful talents you girls are. Oh how I wish I had more crafty friends.

Your invitation is great. I love it. The first year I had mine it was just come as you are but mandatory witches hat. Last year I gave a gift to the best decorated witches hat. But this year I did best carved or best decorated pumpkin. I am sad to say only three ladies participated. Those old hags. He He! But the three that did were great. The winner was the spider w/glow sticks.

Really all we do is just stand around in our hats and drink wine and eat. Not much more than that. We try to catch up on what the kids are doing and what are plans are for the holidays. We always try to plan the next party and who will be hosting it at their house. But it never seems to work out that way. My kids are grown and out of the house so it looks like I am the designated party giver. But thats o.k. I like it that way. More control! He He!

Looking forward to the pictures. Have fun.


Linda Crispell said...

You have so many inspiring ideas on your blog!!! I'll start with the lime slice topiary at the wedding, the wonderful Halloween cone invitations and the gourd with a bottle cap eye. Thanks for all the creativity!