Monday, October 6, 2008

My Niece, McKenzie's Wedding

My niece was married last weekend. I thought you might want to see. This is my dh's parents and sisters.
McKenzie and new husband, Ladd, coming out of the Timp. Temple.

McKenzie and her mom, Lynette
McKenzie and her niece.
The parents with the bride.
The reception. So bright and cheery. Cute decorations too. Wheat grass with flowers and cones with lime slices. This was the cake table where they served sheet cakes.
Here is the wedding cake. The top two layers are rice crispie treats since the bride can't eat gluton. Great idea anyway. We usually end up throwing cake away because it doesn't get cut until later in the reception. Easy to make the layers too.
rolled fondant icing. I didn't try the cake but it looked great.
McKenzie and her grandmother, Margrett Borup.
Signing picture mat in lieu of wedding book. They had framed pictures hanging from bright colored ribbon displayed on the fence. Sorry, I didn't get a picture.
Lots of paper lanterns, food, Tomasso's italian ice, dancing, and polynesian entertainment. So much fun.
the reception line.
Two of my nieces dancing. They were having a great time.
Here they are again.
Margrett and Byron
Weston, McKenzie's brother. He's wearing a skirt. McKenzie married a Samoan so Weston decided to honor his new brother-in-law's culture. Weston, is that pina colada italian ice in your hand? I wish I would have gotton a picture of McKenzie doing a traditional Samoan dance with Ladd or Cory taking his shirt off and dancing the Haka. It was great fun!

Tonight was Cory's 50th birthday. We had a surprise party at Pizza Factory. Happy Birthday Cory. It was fun!


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Thimbleanna said...

How fun! Weddings are so exciting. Your niece is a very beautiful bride!