Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hiking Squaw Peak

Thursday Kathee and I hike Squaw Peak on Thursday. There were several meadows full of butterflies. All those orange specks you see are butterflies. I'm not sure what type of plant this was but the butterflies loved it. There were hundreds of butterflies and tons of bees but no bumble or honey bees.
Here is Kathee out in the meadow.
Here is Kathee in front of Mount Timpanogos. It is the mountain in the background.
This is beautiful rock canyon.
This is the view from the top of Squaw Peak. My house is down there somewhere.
This is a closer view. My house is close to the middle of this picture.
See that parking lot down there? That is where our car is parked.
Here's a closer view. Can you see it now?
Here is Kathee with the northern view of the valley in the background.
Looking West.
Enjoying a little break at the top. It was a great place to stop and contemplate the mysteries of the universe.
The southern view.
Here I am home again. I thought I'd capture Eli while showing you the view of Squaw Peak from my house. I called home from the top so Brett, Cole, and Grant could find us through binoculars.
It was another great adventure with my friend. It was worth getting up early on Pioneer Day...the butterflies, view, fresh air...ahhh.


Thimbleanna said...

Ok. You're doing this on purpose aren't you??? You know I can't decide on whether to come out there this year -- you need to repent for being such a temptress LOL! Your pictures are beautiful!!!

Marissa Joy said...

Good job mom!
Miss you XoxO

Meleen Dupre said...

wow!!! what a view!!! just amazing!!

meleen dupre