Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hiking the "Y"

Lately my friend Kathee and I have been pushing ourselves a little trying to get ready to climb King's Peak. Here's Kathee in the parking lot at Y mountain. I don't think you can tell how steep it is from this picture. The "Y" is in the picture. It's the white blob about 2/3 rds of the way up.Keep in mind as you see these pictures that this is a "come as you are party." I roll out of bed by 6:45 and am out the door by 7. Here I am at the bottom of the "Y."
Here I am at the top of the Y. Isn't it a great view?
BYU is down there somewhere. Can you find it?
Here we are again. It is nice having a camera because we always seem to make new friends when we ask them to take our picture. The guy who took this is off to China for three years to teach English with his family. He and his wife are school teachers. They have four children...ages 3 toaround 15, his oldest daughter was with him. His friend has 4 children...three of them are age three. Yep...triplets. He said that it is a real challenge. We love meeting new people.
This is from the top of the Y looking up the mountain. This is as high as we go though.
Tomorrow is our usually walk followed by yoga. We are hiking squaw peak on Thursday. Wait until you see the view from there. Last Friday my family hiked to Timp Caves. I haven't posted those pictures yet. What are you doing for exercise? Are you taking care of yourselves?

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Thimbleanna said...

Sigh. Now I'll be homesick! I'm definitely not taking care of myself. I wish I had mountains to walk in. Or up. Or on. Hubby and I did start an evening walk a week ago. But then we moved the kids. And I went on travel. There's always something!