Monday, July 21, 2008

Happenings in the Backyard

Here is the tree house that my husband is building for the grandkids. Yep, that is him up in the treehouse. This is where we are today.Candice and Brett in the tree house. It's kind of high. I missed taking one of the overall view so you could really see how high it is. It is finished enough so Grant and Cole can play in it safely.
The view from the tree house of the backyard. This is looking toward our house.
The back corner of the yard where the tree house is just going up. Grant is trying to be very helpful.
OK, I'm kind of going backwards here because this is the platform on the end of day two.
This is the beginning of day two. Day one was pouring footings. See how the boys are trying to be helpful? Grandpa had lots of help.
More of grandpa's helpers.
Here is the shed in the backyard. When the tree house is finished, it will have shingles painted gray, with white trim and red shutters so that it matches the shed.
Here is the waterfall in the backyard just off the deck. I love to hear the water running.
Here is a closeup of our Koi. We've never had babies though. I think the big koi must eat them.
More of the backyard.
This is a post and beam arch that my husband designed and made. Isn't he handy? That's Kindis, Eli's friend. They all just finished whiffle ball with Cole and Grant.
More from the tree house. Even I climbed up there to check it out.
I wish someone would do some weeding out there. That would be nice. We have been playing lots of Bocce Ball though. It is one of our favorite things this summer.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Those little Stringham boys won't want to go home. What a cool tree house. Um...any chance it's really for the big boy LOL! Your backyard is beautiful. You guys need a rest -- you're working too hard!

Doggie B said...

Mom (Gladys) was telling me that your family had several blogs. Thought I'd see if I could find them and I did. It's been fun to check out your photos and all.

I would have loved a treehouse like that growing up! You'll be the favorite grandparents (if you're not already.)

-Brian Borup

Kelli Radmall said...

Oh my gosh! You did it! You have a tree house-those lucky boys. Marissa and I will have to have a sleepover in it sometime. Just like the movie Now and Then. Looks awesome. Good job Bishop!