Friday, August 8, 2008

I Have A New Toy

Guess What? I'm typing this on my very own laptop. My husband bought a new HP just for me. I feel very loved. I just booted it up for the first time. He even promised to buy me photoshop so I could learn how to use it. (It was one of my goals...that and getting back in to photography by taking one of Candice online classes. She is just finishing up teaching her first online beginning photography course to rave reviews. I think she had very happy students. She's keeping the price down too. OK, while I'm on Candice, she has a great Halloween article coming out in Creating Keepsakes if you want some fun Halloween projects.)

I spent last week at girl's camp. I'm too lazy to download pictures. (I've got to finish reading Breaking Dawn.) I spend yesterday playing with Steph. It is nice having her so close by these days. We stopped by the Gatehouse to add to our Halloween decor. (They had coupons in the mail so I couldn't resist.) I'll take a picture of my newest acquisition and share it with you later.) Candice and I made Halloween flags while she was here. I think I made around 44 flags for her. She is going to string them diagonally across her living room. I made some for Steph so she came up yesterday to finish them up with me. She had 13 flags to go across her living room. Marissa wanted a kit so she could make her own. She has a new sewing machine she wants to try out. I'm going to have enough to sell soon so stay posted. A set of 5 flags will sell for about $35. I'm going to try opening an Etsy shop with Steph's help.

Steph has some great posts with our family pictures and the great "spy" pictures they took. (She is the best blogger in our family by far.) It was hilarious to watch them. She also has been highly recognized for her photo frames and ABC poster she designed for her friend Eva who has a letter press business. I hate to brag...OK, I love to brag about all my great kids. I honestly feel so blessed to have them. I'm a lucky mom.

My husband is still working on the tree house. The shingles and trim are on. He is working on the shutters now. I think it is like most things in life; it always takes longer than you think it will take. So, the summer masterpiece is still in progress.

I'm still hiking away. Kathee and I hiked up to Rock Canyon campground and the "y" again this week. We always meet the most interesting people and that never ceases to amaze me. It makes our adventures so much more unbelievable. It has been a busy summer and we still have a ton of things planned along with keeping up with my job. Good thing it is part time. ;) Now that I have my own...ahhhh/, I'll try and be more consistent.

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Thimbleanna said...

Yay! A new computer for you! Now...we want pictures! Of those flags!!! It's good to see a post!