Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time in the ER

If Eli were here, I would take a picture and post it of his feet and ankles bandaged up. We spent 3 hours in the ER this morning. Eli biffed it yesterday while wake boarding with his friends in Utah Lake. He officially has a right spained ankle and strained muscle, contusion, and bone spur on his left foot. We are glad he will recover. In the meantime, he is hobbling around so I guess he won't be hiking King's Peak with us. (He was staying home to go to his friend's wedding anyway.)

I hope you all are enjoying the olympics. We have been staying up wayyyyy to late watching all we can. Go Americans!


Kelli Radmall said...

Poor little hobbling Eli! That stinks. I hope he has a quick recovery.

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! I hope Eli recovers quickly! At least he was injured doing something fun LOL.

markjstringham said...

NO WAY! I didn't hear about that! Is everything okay?